31 January 2013

Cora's First Birthday Party

We celebrated my little one's first birthday this past weekend. I was originally going to write a long rambling post with details, but you can glean most of it from the pictures. So I'll save my breath.

Birthday Morning
Testing out the wagon we got her, in our apartment (to cold and snowy outside). She loves it.

We had to borrow a relative's house because of our tiny apartment.


Monthly elephant photos hanging up (6 facing one side, 6 on the other)

Party Game
Trivia about Cora's First Year
My mother-in-law won.


Oh yesss I did!
[Cut the grapes in half, and if it's a long name just do a big 1]

For baby
For everyone
 (Yes, I made both of them.)

Guest of honor
She took the tiara off less than 2 seconds later.
Homemade tutu, by the way.

Singing and smashing

She's a fan.

Not sure what to call this

The Best Helper
My mom loves her granddaughter! I'm so glad she was able to be here.
Video for a short attention span

Video for a long attention span (singing/eating cake)


  1. Awe Happy Birthday Cora!!! She looks adorable and your cakes look great! :)

  2. So fun! Everything looks great and I love her tutu photo!

  3. Aww yay happy birthday, Little Cora! Nice cakes, Mama!