03 February 2013

What I Wore Sunday (Vol. 11)

Took baby (almost-toddler) to mass by myself for the first time!

And we actually fared pretty well. She tried to steal snacks from the toddler sitting in front of us, and she covered her ears during the prayer intentions (which made me laugh and I was having a hard time stifling it, which just encouraged her more). I was able to hear and understand most of the homily, and on my way out I thanked the priest that his homilies are good and clear enough that they can be followed even in the midst of baby-wrangling.
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It's been snowing a lot here this weekend, so this is what we looked like on our way to mass:

And after I made our "coat mountain" in the pew, I looked like this:
Pardon the hat hair
Shirt: Mossimo via Target // Scarf: I think it was my mother's way back when // Skirt: Geoffrey Beene Sport (what sport would you be playing in this?), thrifted // Fleece-lined leggings: Target // Boots: Bare Traps via DSW

I was glad I wore a skirt, for practical reasons. I pulled it taut while sitting, and it served as a 'table' for puffs to keep Cora quiet during consecration. And she was so distracted that she didn't try to make a mad dash up the aisle like usual.

Random quote of the day, as I watched the snow really fall heavily this morning, which I have never seen in real life: "I feel like I'm living in a snow globe."

Also, sometimes I make ugly cakes:
I had half of a cake (a dome, really) just sitting there, waiting to be decorated with leftover icing.
I'll be eating that tonight while I watch "the Beyoncé concert with football thrown in for good measure." Oh, and the ads. I majored in ads. I like ads.


  1. I love that skirt. I would love to see you wear it while playing water polo!

  2. Yay for making it through Mass solo with kiddo. I love your skirt. Very fin

  3. Fleece. Lined. Tights. Whaaaaat? That sounds miraculous. Anyway, the fabric of your skirt is fantastic. Love it with the green scarf.

  4. Oh my gosh, I love your skirt. the texture and color are lovely!!

  5. Nice skirt, Cat! I'd totally play something British in it. LOL. Congrats on bringing Cora to Mass solo.

  6. I love your scarf! That color is great on you! Way to unlock a new achievement! hahahaha It's such a great feeling knowing you have totally got it when you take kids to mass alone.
    Everyone is wearing fleece lined tights and leggings it seems like....goodness I wish I had known there was such a thing when I lived in Colorado and Wyoming. As a true Texan, I had NO idea what to wear in the cold and snow! I usually wear sandals in February! Those are brilliant!

  7. Totally digging the outfit. As a FL native, I am only now figuring out that most parishes up here have a coat rack/closet. Such a foreign concept!

  8. Yay for fleece lined leggings! And you are much better at decorating cakes than I am.