15 February 2013

7 Quick Takes (Love and Fasting Edition)

--- 1 ---
Happy Lent everyone! Oh, and was there some lovey-dovey Hallmark holiday yesterday? There might have been . . . sure couldn't tell in our house though.

--- 2 ---
That's a lie. Sort of. Cora and I gave B a card and some gummi bears, and we picked up a pizza for dinner. She wore a cute "Daddy's Little Sweetheart" shirt. In return, we got . . . nothin'.  I'm not kidding. B said we'll get something some time this weekend. Who is the overly frugal one in this house again? (Okay okay, he did say he's taking us to a basketball game at the local college tomorrow, and I told him I wouldn't mind some half-price flowers.) This is one of the first years that one of us wasn't either sick or absent for this day, so we don't have any standing traditions.

Ever been photo-bombed by a stuffed octopus?

--- 3 ---
I figure now is a good time to make a formal declaration of my Lenten sacrifice. I am giving up the computer on Wednesdays. I can check stuff on my Kindle (hey, sometimes I need a recipe!), but no computer. I'm trying to read all of the books of the Bible I've never read before during that time. Or, y'know, clean the house, watch a movie, become an official Indiana resident, or do something other than fritter away my time in a distracted way with 20 tabs open simultaneously.

On Ash Wednesday, I read two chapters of Joshua (could. not. focus.), a few chapters of some other book, and watched the Disney version of The Hunchback of Notre Dame (hadn't seen it before). We also made it to mass!

B and I also joined a small faith community (that only meets for Lent) through our church. We'll see how this goes. I married a true military man who loathes "talking about his feelings," so I had to convince him to do this. It's his Lenten sacrifice, officially.

--- 4 ---
I started weaning Cora two weeks ago. It's going well. We're down to nursing twice a day (morning and evening), with a sippy cup of milk at lunch and a little bit as an afternoon snack. I was planning to have her fully weaned by 13 months, but now I think I'm going to hang on to the morning nursing session for kicks and giggles . . . so all you toddler-nursing lactivists can drop the pitchforks already. Maybe we'll drop it at 15 months or so.

I had never really taken a picture of us nursing, but I want to remember it so I asked B to take one the other day.

Yes, yes, I still use the My Brest Friend pillow my sister gave me. That thing is the bomb dot com (do people still say that? guess so since I just did). Our couch is overly squishy with no support, so it helps a lot. It also fits in the glider really well so she doesn't bash her head on the wooden part of the armrest.

--- 5 ---
B thought it was odd I wanted a nursing picture. I retorted, "I've done this every day for the past year and have no picture of it!" He gave me a look that, without words, said, "Um, you've brushed your teeth and taken a shower every day for the past year and didn't take a picture." Since I knew what his look meant, I then said the words aloud. And he laughed.

--- 6 ---
Speaking of B, he has been addicted to "Harlem Shake" videos for over a week now. He officially introduced me to them two days before I started seeing them everywhere. Even Kelly & Michael did it on their show on Tuesday!  I'm not a big fan of the original video because it's just weird. But I love this one from my college's Swim & Dive team!

--- 7 ---
Somebody had fun on Fat Tuesday.
And she didn't even have to lift her shirt.

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  1. I was going to stop nursing at 1 year but decided to wean Emma over 2 weeks instead of going cold turkey. Cheers to lasting for more than one year!