22 December 2011

secret santa swag (and a song)

This year I decided to participate in a few different secret santa swaps.  One I did through reddit, and was sent a crochet book with a mildly ugly baby on the front.
I really have no desire to crochet blankets, but if I want to, now I have a book.
My baby has enough blankets, seriously.  But at least I got something, and the gifter put some thought into it which I always appreciate.

Another secret santa I did this year was a milspouse one, hosted by fellow sub wife Wife of a Sailor.  I was really excited when I got my match (yet another sub wife!) to send to since I had been reading her blog for over a year.  I'm still kicking myself because she announced her pregnancy the day after I sent the package out!  I definitely could've thrown some baby stuff in there . . . oh well.

As for who had me, it was a mystery until I got my package in the mail earlier this week.  When I got the package from my apartment's office, it was jingling!  It contained a sweet card from Ashley at Ashley Amazing.  It also contained all of these awesome and festive decorations:
It actually had 2 towels, but it was laundry day so one went in the bathroom right away!
There's some jingling bells both in the little sleigh and on the wreath holder that's sorta tucked behind the towel.  In her card, she said the countdown tree was for next year, but I liked it so much that I added it to the display on the bar already.
I told you I got more cards!
Ashley, thank you sooo much for all the fun stuff!

And since I saw The Nutcracker last weekend with some friends, I will leave you with my favorite dance and music from that, the Trepak (Russian dance).  I had this stuck in my head for days!

Have you ever seen a gal about 9 months pregnant try to prance about the room doing her best ballerina impression?  Um, because that just might have been me last week . . .


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