25 December 2011

my letter to santa

Dear Santa,

      In the future, if you are delivering a skateboard to a rambunctious apartment-dwelling boy, could you please hide it a bit better or at least leave a note that he is not to use it on the wooden breezeway until after 8am on Christmas morning?  Some of his neighbors just might have been out late celebrating the birth of our savior at midnight mass and could be hoping for an interrupted "long winter's nap."  And one of them could be a grouchy pregnant woman as well. 
                                                           Scrooge McW  
 p.s. Thank you for the football and pajama jeans.



  1. Haha I loved this. Besides the skate board I hope you had a great Christmas! :)

  2. Get ready....next year you may find that both Midnight Mass and sleeping in are impossible gifts for Santa to deliver! Baby S is normally in bed by 8, so even attending the 7:00 Nativity was pushing it for us this year...and he was up by 6...