17 December 2011

a pregnancy update

I don't post about it much, but maybe I should since it's what everyone asks me about the most!

I don't think I could've asked for a better pregnancy.  Seriously.  I'm 35 weeks along, and most nights I don't even have to get up to use the bathroom in the middle of the night.  That might change when she drops, but I'll deal with that later.  The first trimester remains the worst part of this so far, and I didn't even throw up then.

I told someone the other day that this is going "better than textbook."  All of those "par for the course" pregnancy woes that I'm mostly not experiencing.  If I wasn't feeling her move and kick all the time, I'd probably be concerned.  But everything is great.  I had an appointment today and found out that she's head-down for now, so let's hope she stays that way!

I've had fun tracking my stats every Wednesday (sometimes Thursdays, sometimes I forgot).  Here's a graph of my weight gain and another of my stomach circumference.  I love me some graphs!
I've gained 27 pounds so far and am not ashamed!
I'm almost 40" around!!
I love the circumference one because you can kinda see when I "popped"--I'd say 22-24 weeks, which is when I really started looking pregnant.

Some fun things I've gotten to figure out:
  • Clipping my toenails.  Luckily, it doesn't have to be done that often, but it's not easy!  My fingernails are growing at an alarming rate.  I've had people say this is due to prenatal vitamins, but I think that's bologna.  I took prenatal vitamins when I wasn't pregnant and there was no difference.  
  • My hair isn't falling out as quickly.  I have a ton of hair and used to lose a lot of hair every time I washed it, and for most of this pregnancy it's only been a few strands.  My mom told me that about 6 weeks after the birth, I better be ready for tons of it to fall out!
  • Working out has gotten a lot harder.  Climbing the stairs to the office I volunteer in winds me.  My usual elliptical routine takes a lot more out of me than I'm used to.  I'm definitely toning it down now and just trying to keep the endurance up.
  • Setting up the nursery.  Holy cow.  This took us 2 days of just sorting through all the clothes and gifts we had gotten.  We're only missing maybe two semi-crucial items (like a trash can/diaper pail).
  • Speaking of dipes, I got my first order of cloth diapers in the mail!  I found a pretty good Black Friday sale online at this site--I had been tracking prices of the covers I plan to use.  I now own 3 covers (all are different brands), a cute giraffe cloth pail liner, a small wetbag, and some other cloth essentials.  I haven't had to buy any prefolds because both diaper cakes that were given to me used cloth!  I think they're just generic Gerber ones, but I'm gonna try them out first before buying any more.  I was also given a ton of leftover size 1 disposables from my sister and tons of normal wipes and washcloths/wipes from everyone under the sun, so hopefully we'll be set for a bit.  I do have my eye on some other cloth stuff too, and have been doing my darndest to win some of it in giveaways.
  • Labor plan.  You wanna know my plan?  It's called "wait and see."  I have nothing against epidurals, but if I'm able to do this all on my own with no drugs, then hooray for me!  If not, whatever.  B and I took the "Childbirth Preparation" course offered by our hospital, so this is all starting to sink in that it's actually gonna happen!
And of course I couldn't leave you without some belly pics!  Here's an overview of how I've progressed.  I seriously do no feel as huge as that last pictures makes me look, and everyone I know keeps telling me that my belly is "cute and small."  Not sure if I believe them!

The very last picture was taken Saturday morning (12/17)
In 2 weeks I'll be considered "full term," but I'm hoping to make it to 39 weeks because it's best for baby.  I am ready to meet her soon though!



  1. You're all baby! Praying for you to make it to 39 weeks and enjoy a continuing "non-textbook pregnancy"!

  2. Great update! Looking at these graphs makes me sure that I will give Nick a GREAT run for his money on weight when I get pregnant, haha. Keep taking good care of yourself and baby :-)

  3. My hair really started falling out, in clumps, around postpartum week 10. Im surprised I have any hair left!

  4. My LLL group leader read a study that said fingernail and hair growth increases have more to do with increases of growth hormone in your system than vitamins. Makes sense to me.

    One thing I found with the Gerber prefolds is they dont absorb well after several washes. I have been told this is because the center part is polyester and not cotton...I am not an expert but I do know they work way better as burp cloths than diapers for us.

    So excited for you guys. call me with any questions.

  5. You look great! Definitely small for being 35 weeks pregnant, but that's okay. I'm so glad that everything is going so well for you and that your baby is healthy. :)

    Your mom is definitely right about the hair falling out after the baby is born. I think it has something to do with hormones. . . .

    I use the Target brand washcloths, the not-fancy ones, for cloth wipes and they work great. They're also a lot less expensive than any cloth wipes I've ever seen . . . :)

    Good luck with the last few weeks! Go out on lots of dates with your husband. Those last few weeks before you have a child can be really memorable as a couple . . . :)

    I'm really excited for you! I'll be praying you have a good labor and delivery! :)

  6. I was told (by who I dont remember now) that individual hairs go through a three month growth, three months of just "sitting there" then it falls out-except during pregnancy, it just constantly grows and rarely falls out.

    Just a little tid bit of info I have gathered along the way. My hair also fell out in handfulls for quite a long time after having babies.

    Good luck with your upcoming birth!