03 January 2011

litany of babies 2010

I'm an aunt again!  My niece was born on Dec. 29 while I was in Chicago with B and his family.  This year the stork has been working overtime, at least with my family, friends, and acquaintances (my inner and outer circles, meaning anyone I Facebook-stalk).  I've had a pregnancy prayers list on my fridge all year--well I actually had to make a few, since the list kept growing. 

I thought I'd give you a list of the first names chosen by these wonderful (mostly new) parents.  A handful were on the 2009 SSA top 10 list, but I'm curious to see what the outcome for this year will be.  The list is in chronological order of birth, with nicknames or middle names that they're being called in parentheses.

Liam • Autumn & Olivia • Jack • Oliver • Cecilia • Grace • Francis (Franky) • Sophia • Lorien • Aidan • Leah • Anthony • Adoration • Noah • Thomas III (Trey) • Haley • James • Kyle Andrew (Drew) • Jilliann • Lila • Sophia • Graham • Emma • Thomas • Liam &  Blake • Edwin Jr. (Anderson) • Chase • Constantine • Katherine (Katie) • Liam Jr. • Sophia • Emma

Me and my new niece Emma!
Yep, that's 34 babies.  That's kind of insane, but I'm 26 years old so it's definitely the season of life here.  I'm a stats-and-detail kinda person, so let's mess around with this a bit. 
  • 19 boys, 15 girls.  Including two sets of twins.  
  • Most common birthday was October 29 (also my mom's birthday) with 4 boys born on that date (includes one set of twins)
  • The most popular months to be born in were April and August, with 6 babies for each month (and no twins for either)
  • Most used names: THREE Sophias, THREE Liams, TWO Emmas, and TWO little boys named Thomas (alright, you caught me, I couldn't figure out how to pluralize that name...Thomases?)
Here's a BabyCenter article about their best predictions of this year's top names.  I also found their "movers and shakers" article interesting, as it showed which names are gaining and losing popularity nowadays.  But remember that the Social Security office holds the hard-and-fast data, so we'll have to wait a bit for that.  (Their site is addictive to mess around on as well as BabyCenter's.  And I'm not even pregnant!)

Now I'm off to start my 2011 list.  I already have a name to add who was born on 1/1/11, which is pretty much the greatest birth date ever.

I think I have a pretty representative sample going on.  Do you know any 2010 babies that share names with any of these?  


  1. wow that's so many babies! and a lot of names from the most popular names of the year list, although i don't think adoration is on there. :) i know a girl who's daughter was born on 10/10/10, which i thought was fun.

  2. Can't say I know any that share those names, but I do know a Connor, Cash, and Hunter that were born in 2010! Did you see the story about the couple who had twins new years eve/day? One born 11:59 Dec 31, 2010 and one at 12:00 on Jan 1, 2011!! I thought that was pretty crazy!

  3. @Lindsay: Adoration isn't in the top 1000. So unique!

    @Britt: Nope, didn't know about the twins. That's pretty cool.

    Also, I just had to add 2 more momma names to my 2011 list. This year might have even more babies!