14 January 2011

milspouse friday fill-in

Joining in the fun again, thanks to Wife of a Sailor.

1.  What are you looking forward to most in 2011? 
 We have some trips lined up, and more will probably be coming.  I guess I'm really just looking forward to our first calendar year free of underways or deployments.  Everything big that I do, B will be with me!
2. What is something random you do on a boring night when your significant other is away? 
When he was deployed, I loved going on walks with a friend.  Our new home isn't conducive to taking walks (no, seriously, it's ridiculous), so I've been missing that a lot lately.  I also would just watch my Gilmore Girls episodes or something ridiculous on Hulu (or from the library) that I know he would hate.  

3.  What has been your greatest adventure as a MilSpouse? 
I'm an adventurous person by nature, so my biggest adventures (moving from here to there to wherever) happened before we were married.  As a milspouse, the trip I took to meet up with him in Scotland last year is probably tops.  (And boy, was that an adventure . . .) 

4.  What is the ugliest fashion trend you ever bought into (I’d like to make fun of you, so can you please provide a picture as well)? 
Wearing everything wayyyy too big for me, especially in middle school.  I'll forgive myself for the wide-leg jeans, but a size-XL t-shirt on a 110-pound girl is completely inexcusable.  I've only gained 5 pounds since then, so I'm still definitely a size Small.  (Sorry, can't find any pics.  Actually, I'm not sorry.)

5.  What was the high point of last month?
Even though I was freezing cold through most of it, and we were only there 2 days, going to Chicago with B's family was really fun!  Also, hanging out with my nephew in Georgia was fun too.  He always makes me laugh.

B and me in front of the John Hancock building


  1. I have to admit that I wore the oversized t-shirts. I think I had a XXL at one point and I loved it cause it was so big:)

  2. Yay to no underways or deployments!! I wish my year was like that!

  3. I had the strangest dream last night. You emailed me to tell me you were no longer blogging. So strange! LOL! hope you're having a great weekend!