04 January 2011

open mouth, insert foot

Remember this post from a few weeks back?  The one about how I never believed my hometown would ever see snow on Christmas?  And that I would "seriously crap my pants" if it happened?

Well, if you hadn't been paying attention to the news lately, here's my self-shot 1-minute video to fill you in on the phenomenon that hadn't happened since 1882:

p.s. it doesn't officially take an inch to make it a white Christmas, I have since found out.

After experiencing it, well I wasn't all that impressed.  I mean, it's just snow.  I didn't find any "magic" in it.  It just complicated things since people freaked out about driving (meaning we had to move dinner up to early afternoon).  And nobody showed up for mass the next morning, even though there was nothing on the roads.  I still don't wanna sing a song about it or close my eyes and wish upon a star for it to happen again.  But, if anything, it gave me some small talk with my in-laws.  Whoopy doo.

However, I will note that I did not seriously or even un-seriously "crap my pants" as I claimed. Since I knew you were wondering.


  1. That's awesome! I love how the snow it sticking to your hair in the video:) I think the "magic" comes when you're used to having snow and when there's a little more of it. It's so peaceful to go outside when there's a lot and there's no one on the roads and everything is white and perfect. It's so pretty!

  2. Well you missed it up here then! We had ice EVERYWHERE! In fact, many of the churches CANCELLED Mass....and while my priest still celebrated Mass at our church, he (or the bishop...or someone) lifted the Sunday Obligation due to weather and safety concerns....

  3. hahaha!! loove the title! it really does get cold here - and im not just saying that because i get cold when it's 70!! it got so cold last year that it freaking FLURRIED in SOUTH florida!! hope you enjoyed the snow!