07 September 2010

top 10 tuesday: guilty tv pleasures

We're back (for good this time) in Pensacola, and luckily had no major travel issues this time around. Already loving our stay at Navy Gateway Inn better than our 2-week stint at the Navy Lodge here, even if we don't have the stovetop or a "breakfast-to-go" bag every morning.  Now I need to figure out what to do with my time while B works.  Maybe I'll even make my momma (and my alma mater) proud and look for one of them job-things.

Top Ten {Tuesday}

But in the meantime, here are my Top 10 of My Guilty Pleasures on Television:

10. Say Yes to the Dress.  I used to watch this to justify how much dough we spent on my wedding dress (drop in the bucket next to these girls), but now I like to watch it for the family dynamics and the fashion.  And now there's an Atlanta version with prissy southern gals that reminds me of college.
9. Who Wants to Be a Millionaire? with Meredith Vieira. Love me some quiz shows, especially while working out.
8. Sid the Science Kid. I don't have kids, and I didn't discover this show with the help of a child. I needed some background noise, didn't have cable, and this comes on PBS. And I totally learned who Ignaz Semmelweis was thanks to Sid and his grandma!
7.  19 Kids and Counting.  They may have taken things a bit to the extreme, but you have to respect a gigantic family with no debt at all and well-adjusted kids.  Plus, I love Johannah.
6.  WordGirl.  This is one of those kids' shows that adults can watch and pick up on jokes that kids don't get.  Fun for the whole family, and your kid will have the best vocab on the block after watching.
5. Ace of Cakes. I hate the taste of fondant, but I love seeing what you can do with it.
4. What Not to Wear. 10 years ago, I would've been a good candidate for this one. I especially like when the nominee is a dude.
3.  Cats 101.  I love cats, and unfortunately, my husband is allergic.  But I can live vicariously through this show on Animal Planet which showcases different breeds.  
2.  Man vs. Food.  It's a game, it's grub.  So that's two of my favorite activities, and a dude who can actually win most of the time.  I can't even win the Saltine Challenge (6 Saltines in 1 minute, no water), but it sure is fun to try!
1.  Wipeout.  It's the same spills over and over again, yet I just can't get enough.  And the more I watch it, the more I want to be a contestant on it!

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  1. Fun list! I haven't seen half these shows but I really should watch What Not To Wear more often (sadly, I could be a candidate for that).