26 September 2010

museum day, city art

Yesterday I convinced B that we should partake in Museum Day and go to the local museum in downtown Pensacola. I printed off our free ticket from the Smithsonian site, and we were off. Now, if you Google "Pensacola Historical Museum," it takes you to this site -- which sounds like the same thing but apparently isn't.  I thought we were saving $10 by getting the free ticket, but when we walked in we were informed that admission is free and always will be. Alllllright then.

It wasn't a very big museum. It was your typical small city museum with a few rooms featuring timelines about its founding and whatnot. The only thing we really learned were the actual five flags that make Pensacola the "City of Five Flags" (Spanish, French, British, Confederate, USA).  Oh, we also learned that it still costs the same amount of money ($1) to cross the bridge to Pensacola Beach that it did in the 1930's!  And here I've been complaining that it's too much!

We finished the museum in less than an hour and decided to wander around town a bit. We noticed some music coming from afar and larger throngs of people, so we walked toward that. Come to find out we ended up right in the midst of the annual Pensacola Seafood Festival! And while we weren't so hungry yet, we did enjoy walking around and seeing all the cool crafty things for sale.

Our biggest highlight of the day happened when we stopped to look at some art out for sale.  They were bright, fun cartoonish-looking prints of Pensacola landmarks as well as some kitschy things like a Waffle House and a Krispy Kreme.  BUT THEN, I went farther in the tent and immediately exclaimed "Doumar's!!"  The artist came up to me and asked if I knew of it, and I told him we just moved here from Norfolk.  He then showed me the rest of his collection of Norfolk/VB prints, and explained to me that he and his wife(?) do these digital drawings on an iMac.  And then I turned around and noticed all of his Georgia landmark ones - the Big Chicken, Fox Theatre, the Arch at my beloved UGA.  We didn't buy anything, but we did find him again and get a card.

Check out his site at City Art Market online.  He has a few Chicago prints as well, which seem to be some of his better sellers.  Maybe if this guy's at the next Gallery Night, I'll actually cave and buy something.  They really are neat, no?

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