23 September 2010

thursday 5

I don't usually participate in this one (have you noticed my lack of consistency in pretty much everything?), but I think it will help sum up my feelings today. So here are things that make me feel . . .





I'm Giddy because I emailed out ONE résumé this morning for a part-time but still career-ish position with the base newspaper, and I ALREADY got called back for an interview!  I felt very drawn to apply for this one, even though I thought I would never want to work at a desk job again.  It sounds like a win-win, but we shall see Monday morning at 10am.

I'm Jubilant that I found my keys after looking for them for an HOUR.

I'm Ecstatic that "The Big Bang Theory" is back on tonight.  And B is on a 'business' trip, so no one is gonna fight me for the remote!

I'm Thankful for all the people who have given me bloggy "awards."  I would hazard to say that I'm not playing very nicely along with other bloggers, since I never re-post and pass them on.  However, it's my blog, and I pick my own content, and it's usually not what I want to blog about.

What I WILL do today, though, is say thanks to these bloggy friends:
You should definitely go over to their pages and go check them out!

I'm Giggly because I got free museum tickets for Saturday!  And you should too!  Check out what's free in your area for Museum Day at http://microsite.smithsonianmag.com/museumday/  (Consider this my first giveaway!)  B doesn't know it yet, but we'll be spending Saturday at the Pensacola Historical Museum.  It's sure to be a hoot and a holler, all for less than a dollar!  (And if my ridiculously Southern turn of phrase didn't make you Giggly as well, you may need to re-evaluate your life.)

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  1. I love your Southern Phrase! Don't feel bad- I have been tagged in that question thing a few times and have yet to do it... If and when I do, there will be no tagging. I have gotten away fromt he awards too... I passed the first few along, but you get to a point where it's obnoxious.

    Thanks for the shout out though! CONGRATS on the interview too! I'm super excited for you! Can't wait to hear how it goes :)