08 September 2010

guilt-free television

I know I blogged about television yesterday, but I just wanted to share something about my completely guilt-free hands-down favorite show EVER.  It's won a gabillion and one Emmy's, and it really is the best reality show out there. I'm talking about The Amazing Race.

But I'm not just gushing today, I'm really sharing the news that one of the most popular vloggers on YouTube is gonna be on this season!  B first introduced me to KevJumba a few years back, a cute little Asian teen from Texas who makes funny videos.  People must love him, since he has over a million subscribers!  So he just announced yesterday that he and his dad (who is in most of his videos and already has an iphone app!) will be running the race!  Hopefully I can convince B to actually watch the show with me this fall, so we can cheer on our TeamJumba.

If you've never heard of him, here's one of my favorite videos of his:


  1. We love the Amazing Race here! It's one of two shows we try to make sure to watch...the other being Survivor.

  2. I like Survivor too and watch most seasons, and it seems they have also jumped on the C-list celebrity turned contestant bandwagon. I saw that former NFL coach Jimmy Johnson is on this season.