22 September 2010

gut cut, muscle maxx, and drill bits

 I think I'm unintentionally on a quest to try every class this base gym offers.  Some of them I even got suckered into by B's female co-workers.  They like to go to a class called Gut Cut during lunch hour, which is either followed by Muscle Maxx or Drill Bits, and of course we were both invited to join in the aches and pains fun.

Let me tell you, these classes kick my tail (and my abs!).  The first one is Gut Cut.  It's a class that focuses on your core, so it's just abdominal work for an entire half-hour.  One of the slightly easier things we do is something called a Russian Twist:

Okay, I admit I don't ALWAYS do it with my feet in the air.  It still works your obliques with feet on the ground, I promise.  However, whenever they say "Russian Twist," I can't help getting this atrocity of this 3OH!3 song stuck in my head.

The Drill Bits class is the one that constantly kicks my butt though.  It's basically sports conditioning drills, reminding me of my days as a sub-par JV soccer player.  Do laps, jump rope, push ups, bear crawling, wall-sits, etc.  I haven't seen suicide sprints at this class yet, but I fully expect it one of these days.

One thing about going to these classes at the gym is that they actually have guys in them.  The other classes I've been to have been all female, to the point where I told B that they should have a "Boy Box" with tinted-out windows.  That way, B can participate in Step/Zumba/Kickboxing/whatever, and not feel like the odd man out.  Kinda like the cry room at church, right?  I really think he'd enjoy Step Aerobics if he got over the stigma [he thinks is] attached to it.

However, what I noticed about having guys in the class (especially Gut Cut) is that they WHINE.  And these are the big tough Navy and Air Force guys (and perhaps even some Marines!).  But, man, what a bunch of wailing babies!

 Have you taken any interesting classes lately?  Or heard a grown man whimper for his mommy?


  1. I can confirm that my WORST patients at the hospital are the men. Granted, many have had major surgery, but they whine and complain and demand every little thing be done for them while the women soldier on, hurried to get up out of bed, walk around the unit, and be released from the doctors, physical therapists, and other specialists keeping them "imprisoned"!!

  2. I keep thinking I need to go to classes on base and keep putting them off. I don't like to go along...lame excuse I know but it's working for me! I also want to pass this on: http://thoughtsfrompoekitten.blogspot.com/2010/09/one-lovely-blog.html

  3. Those sound like hard workouts! I just went to my first Zumba class last week. It was fun, but I couldn't keep up with all of the steps! I am going to keep at it though. They offer kickboxing and yoga at my gym too, but I have heard the kickboxing class is hard and involves a lot of jumping kicks. Maybe I will just stick with Zumba right now!