25 April 2014

7QT: In Which I Mostly Talk About Clothing

Let's start with Easter, my favorite holiday ever. If you're a Christian, it should probably be your favorite, too, since our religion wouldn't exist without it.

It was a beautiful day here, and we went over to B's grandmother's house and had a great time.

Aren't we adorbs?

I made my momma's strawberry cake, per tradition. This was actually my first Midwestern Easter (I went back to GA last year), and I'm not sure they quite understand this up here.

If this was in Georgia, I would have NEVER been sent home with this much cake left.

(Easter is NOT a time for moderation, people!)

While I didn't quite find an Easter dress for Cora, I love the cute little outfit I got her. I also got myself a new dress, and I'm in love with it.

Dress is from NY&Co. Cora's outfit is from Babies R Us
Speaking of clothing, in a mom's online group I'm in, there was much discussion over this article on Babble.

It basically goes through 5 mom no-no's and some alternatives. (Go read it, it's mostly pictures.) Some people said it was judgmental and condescending; others said it wasn't practical. And some were put off by the referral links to things out their own price range.

But I mostly agree with the article. In a way none of the other moms did. I'm not one for crop pants much, but I liked all the other styles. (And yes, mamas, there are nursing-friendly dresses out there. I have 2 in my closet.)

The biggie-offenders in that list, though, are the sneakers and the schlubby sweats look. I really like Carolynne's minimalist series over at FLAP, especially in which she makes the point that if you don't own it, you can't wear it. Therefore, you will always look good! I don't own any yoga pants, so I seriously cannot make the 'tired mom' excuses and sell myself short and wear them out of the house.

Really, my gym clothes are reserved for the gym. Always. I used to wear sneakers out, but I always hated how they looked (they were generally my former running shoes), so I found a nicer alternative in ballet flats, alpargatas, and boots when it's cold and/or snowy.

In related news, this is what I wore when I took my 2-year-old to the library this morning. It was 45° and raining, and sitting on the floor was involved. I was comfortable, I think I look good, and I felt confident in myself.

Sweater: NY&Co. clearance rack
Pants: Aeropostale
Belt: Old Navy
Shoes: Bongo from Sears
If it tells you anything, I'm still wearing the entire ensemble, minus the shoes, just lounging around the house.

I also learned that the camera on my phone has a self-timer. Who knew.

Can I just rave about those pants a minute? Yes, they are from the store's "uniform collection," but I seriously don't care. They were $15, and they are the most comfortable pants ever. Soft cotton twill, a good amount of stretch, and still a nice skinny cut in short length for my little stubs. I had been looking for a pair of khakis for a while after taking a cue from my husband. He wears khakis all the time, and he always looks put-together.

Aaaand, after praising the hubs on that, I just noticed he's wearing jeans in that Easter picture above. But hey, collared shirt!

A picture of Cora eating cake? Don't mind if I do.

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  1. Happy Easter!! You guys look great in your pic! :) And the strawberry cake looks delicious! :)