17 April 2014

Conjunctivitis and Holy Week

I guess it wouldn't be a proper Holy Week without a nice dose of suffering.

Somehow I ended up with conjunctivitis in not one, but both eyes. Ugh. I have a hard time with eye stuff. I don't wear contacts and the mere thought of eye drops makes me squirm. Luckily, I was offered the option of an ointment, but it still freaks me out. It turned out it wasn't just my eyes. Stuffy nose and ears too, which has also been causing me some lightheaded-ness and not-so-good feelings.
Check out the swell on the one on the right.
p.s. I will never apologize for my eyebrows. That's some half-Lebanese goodness right there.

We also woke up to snow two days ago, which was, well, it was fine. Sure, I complained a bit, but at least we didn't have to shovel it!

My husband has been absolutely awesome dealing with poor ol' me. It just so turns out that his 2 days off this week were Tuesday and Wednesday, the two days I felt the most absolutely miserable. He lived out his fantasy of being a SAHD while I woke up with my eyes sealed shut and then stayed quarantined in our room. Because the last thing we want is for anyone else to catch this crap.
My lovely cave. Blurry pic because, well, because I can't freakin' see.
I think if this had to happen, I'm kinda happy it's now. I can focus more clearly on how Jesus suffered so much more than I ever will--and all I can think of is that scene in The Passion of the Christ where a crow starts pecking out his eye after he dies on the cross. (Yuck.) So thank you, Jesus, for your suffering. And thank you, crows, for not pecking out my eyes. (I haven't seen that movie in 10 years, so I hope I didn't make that thing up about the crow. I don't remember mention of it in the Bible.)

I have so many reasons to look forward to Easter, the least of which is my optical issue.


  1. Oh no! Pink eye is the worst. My sister in law had the hardest time in high school getting rid of it, I hope yours goes away quickly! Has Cora been spared?

    Also, every year I say I will watch the Passion, and every year I chicken out. I saw it in theaters when it first came out and it just leaves me at such a loss for words.

  2. No fun! That looks absolutely miserable. Hope you are on the mend!

  3. I'm so sorry you had pink eye! :( That sucks. Little Man has it right now in both eyes as well, and it's pretty miserable. The pediatrician actually gave him an oral antibiotic because it had spread around his eyes (like outside the eye lids - and that happened in less than 24 hours - crazy!) I'm glad you were all better for Easter though.