16 September 2013

Skirtember: Week Two Recap

Another week of skirts and dresses!

Linking up with some lovelies

B had Monday off, so we painted a room together at the new house while Cora napped. I did determine that one of my skirts was so old and ratty that it could be used for painting. I wore a t-shirt, which stayed behind at the house and changed into this so we could go to the store and look at refrigerators.
Looks like I'm still in college...
Tuesday was a lot better. No manual labor. I took Cora to Chick-Fil-A for a free breakfast in the morning, and then we went shopping. I actually wore this same outfit for some family pictures we had done in July.

Don't remember what I actually did on Wednesday, but this was super comfy. Love my jersey skirt from Old Navy.

Also, I'd gone back-and-forth about TOMS-style shoes (actually called alpargatas in Argentina) for a while, but Chantal's post last week convinced me that they looked good with skirts. So I bought some! These are Bongo brand from Sears, and wayyy cheaper than TOMS.

The jersey skirt and alpargatas returned on Friday.

Saturday was a manual labor day, and I never made it into anything other than my painting pants. If I do this whole month and just don't do the Saturdays, I think I'm okay with that.

Sunday was church, of course! The weather turned cooler, and it was time to debut a new sweater dress.

I suppose it's a *tad* form-fitting, but I didn't feel to weird about wearing it to church.

And with all of this Skirtember madness, I've even been putting Cora in more skirts and dresses lately.
Who can resist an adorable toddler in a cute dress?


  1. I loooove the last dress. It isn't too form fitting at all! Looks perfect!

    And your toddler is super cute :D

    Thanks for linking up!

  2. I love both the dresses you wore! Sweater dress weather already? Definitely not over here!

  3. I love that sweater dress. I need some new options for fall.

  4. The Tuesday dress is fabulous and I love seeing the change in the weather reflected in your picks :-)

  5. I have been back and forth about the Tom's style shoes also... I keep seeing them with skirts / dresses and they don't look bad. Love the striped outfit with the colorful tights!

  6. I don't think it's too form fitting at all!

  7. I wear my TOMS with skirts too!

    A toddler in a dress is absolutely adorable. How fun to involve her!

    Kristin :)