28 April 2014

Chopping the Mop

My hair is now shorter than it has been since I was a toddler.

It was time for my annual haircut. (Yeah, you read that adjective right.) I was pretty sure I had enough to donate, this time to Children With Hair Loss. We measured--I barely had the required 8", but I had it as long as I was willing to part with it.

And so I did! B's aunt has a mobile hair business, where she comes to your house and does your hair. It's kinda cool, but I was skeptical. We did most of it during Cora's nap, and then B came home from work and dealt with her.

Will I ever get my hair cut in my house again? Not sure. I wasn't over the moon about it, even though it seems like a good idea. Maybe it was the lack of looking at myself in the mirror for the whole time? Possibly. (Don't judge.) Was it because Cora came in the kitchen barefoot and started tracking little hairs all over the place? Perhaps. If I only get one haircut a year, maybe I WANT to be away from my house for that hour? Yeah, that's probably it.

Okay, enough yammering already. Time for pics. Because who reads a blog post about hair-chopping and really cares about the preface text?

Close-up from the selfie I took Friday.

The ponytails:
Hint: Always braid. And have rubber bands on hand if someone is making a house call. :-/
And after:

[Also, I have come to the conclusion that my left eye just doesn't open as much as my right one for pictures. Or ever? Vanity, oh vanity.]

After all was said and done yesterday, I decided to reflect back on all the other times I have donated my hair. I realized that I started doing it a DECADE ago. Right around this time of year, too. Four donations, 38" x at least 2 ponytails each time. That is over 6 feet of hair, my friends.

Unfortunately, I don't have an accessible picture from my first donation back in 2004, but the rest were on Facebook (and I even blogged about the previous one). I also realized I have donated hair in every state I have lived in (but not every city).

Here's a short recap!

Jacksonville, FL: 2006 before
2006 after
2010 before. This picture just makes me feel hot and itchy.
2010 after
I think the 2010 hair was my favorite. But I'll be rockin' my short lil' bob for a few months now (until it grows out and I don't get it taken care of when I should).


  1. LOVE IT! I only get my hair cut about once a year (ugh, if that... because I seem to always be growing it out) and I would much rather take that hour and sit and look at myself in a mirror in a salon than in my house, and I don't even have a kid to need time away from! Love, love, love you with short hair!

  2. Your hair looks really great! I think it suits you. :) How does it feel when you run? Are you able to put it up at all for that? Way to go on donating too! I haven't heard of the place that you donated it to, I'll have to check it out. :)

    1. I ran yesterday, and I pulled it half-up, then put on my Sweaty Band headband, then still had to clip the sides up. I can't stand hair on my neck when I run, but after all that it was just fine! Felt a lot lighter too, since it wasn't bouncing around as much as before.

  3. That short 'do looks GREAT! I'm starting to get the itch to cut my hair—glad to see there's an org that will take just 8", because I'm almost there!