24 March 2013

What I Wore Sunday (Vol. 14)

Yesterday was a double header with Jesus.

We went to daily mass in the morning because it was being said for B's grandfather that passed away in early February and then we were having brunch with lots of family members afterward. Later in the day, we hit up the vigil mass for Palm Sunday since B is working today (as usual, as usual). I have never in my life seen that many people at a daily mass before. Then again, I haven't been to daily mass at this church before. My uncle says there's usually about 100 people(!), and he said this one was way more. The Saturday one has confession immediately following, so they were out in full force yesterday. This is my first time living somewhere super-Catholic, and it kinda weirds me out sometimes. I should love it, right?

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So this outfit did double-duty, both 8am and 5pm. The dress is new--my first foray into both chambray and shirtdresses--and we were running out the door in the morning so quickly that I didn't have time to figure out accessories. I had a watch on in the morning, but I guess I took it off at some point. If you have a suggestion on how best to accessorize this (long necklaces? scarf? trucker hat?), please leave me some comment love!

Check out that cloth diaper cover!
Dress: Old Navy // Tights: Target //
Boots: I forgot the brand but they're from Shoe Carnival

Also, crosses made out of palms. Are they okay, all you Scrupulous Sallies? I've always thought there wasn't a problem, but the priest said something about respecting your palms since they are blessed and to put them back on the table if you were just gonna throw them out. (He did not specifically say not to do origami with them.)

As for the crosses themselves, I didn't know how to make them until a few years ago when I looked it up on YouTube. Then I forgot about it for next 12ish months and had to look it up again. I was trying my best to remember the steps in the car on the way to church. I failed. I sat there twiddling with it before mass and a little bit during offertory and gave up. Good ole internettin' bailed me out once again after we got home.  [Here's a link to the video I used]

I hope you all have the holiest of Holy Weeks, and get your bums to confession if you haven't already! I'll be on a plane to Georgia on Wednesday to see my side of the family for Easter. Baby's first plane trip!

Speaking of the bambina, I'm pretty sure that yesterday, at 13 months, 3 weeks, and 4 days old, she took her first steps! She sorta walked two steps from me to B's aunt with no help, then sorta fell into her arms. And of course we couldn't get her to do it again. (She is stubborn!) Why can't we ever have milestones that I can truly figure out? (On that note, I *think* her first word was "yeah" but B thinks it was "dada." Those are the only words she knows right now anyway.)


  1. Thanks for that cross tutorial - I need to make those so my kids stop thinking they are swords. Good for your priest to say what he did...I think people don't realize that you can't just throw out something that is holy/blessed. It has to be buried or burned. And I love your jean dress - that's exactly what I need to wear with my maroon tights!

  2. The colored tights were very smart! I think a statement necklace would be nice- it could be worn against the skin or under the collar.

    I guess your "weirdness" about living somewhere super-Catholic could be compared to my "weirdness" about living somewhere super Hispanic. In the South, folks were like, "Wow- you look exotic/different/unique!" Not in Cali. I missed that. But, it's still SUPER awesome that so many are going to daily Mass!

    As for palms, I never folded them... my parents didn't chide me out of it, just didn't do it themselves. I don't feel like I've missed out ;-)

  3. Love your outfit! Unfortunately, I am the worst at accessorizing. I think a long necklace would look great with that outfit though. And as floral scarf with some springy colors would look nice too! But I think it looks great just the way you have it

  4. We still have last year's palms up on a shelf... yikes! This year I left them behind as I never know what to do with them after.
    No advice on the accessorizing, but I am interested to see what others have to say!

  5. I'm with Kinsi - a statement necklace worn around the collar would be fabulous. Love the addition of the colored tights as well. Have a great week.

  6. I think I would do a colored and patterned scarf and some good earrings and maybe even bangle bracelets. I like the color you have going on at the bottom. Another thing to try would be colored leggings with flats or another "delicate" shoe to balance the "heaviness" of the dress. You can also remove the belt it came with and belt it with a fun scarf or another colored belt.

    I don't know the rules about making crosses out of the palms, but I'm figuring it's ok. If you were making some other weird thing then probably not :-)

  7. We need to make our palms into crosses yet... busy Sunday! I think your dress is great, maybe a different colored belt and a scarf would give it some punch??

  8. Long necklace? Looks cute the way it is already! The colored tights are cute.

  9. Thanks for the palm crosses link - I always forget to look it up BEFORE mass :) The dress is super cute and maybe just go for a necklace or swap out the belt?