25 March 2013

Menu Planning Monday: Meatless

This week, I'm going to do our completely meatless meal recap. This is what we ate on Fridays this Lent. (We still have one Friday to go, but I'll be in Georgia and it's supposed to be a 'fasting' day so I'm guessing I'll just eat PBJ.)

Friday #1: Southwest Fettucine
Link to recipe.
Friday #2: Homemade tomato soup, grilled cheese, smoothies (with spinach!). This was completely inspired by this post by Anima Kinsi. Here's the link to the tomato soup recipe. And one for the smoothie recipe.

Friday #3: Macaroni and cheese (from a box) with peas and spinach thrown in for good measure--and to use up a bunch of leftover spinach. More smoothies. (B was out of town for the Reserves, so I let us have a semi-bad night.)

Friday #4: Baked fish (I think it was tilapia?) with a few dashes of Season-All on top. Frozen mixed vegetables on the side.

Friday #5: Church Fish Fry! All-you-can-eat, but we had to wait in line for an hour to get in!

Friday #6: Refried bean burritos. I put B in charge of this day to give myself a night off. I was going to the grocery store the day before, so I asked him what he needed and got it. And that's all I did! (I even went to Target while he and the baby made dinner. He said he used a recipe he found online, but doesn't recall what site.)
This are just some of the leftover burritos.
Linking up today with Menu Plan Monday hosted by The Young Retiree and Taingamala and Lenten Meal Plan Monday by Beth Anne's Best and Tales from Astoria.

Also, proof that my child eats whatever we do:
❤ A baby and her burrito ❤


  1. I definitely pinned that soup recipe! Looks easy enough to whip up and have on a cold dreary night! Thanks for linking up again and sharing these awesome recipes! I shared the pasta one with Nan- I think she'll be keeping that one for next Lent!

  2. I made the Southwest Fettuccine and we enjoyed it. It took a little getting used to the flavors with noodles but I got permission to make it again:)

  3. That Southwest Fettuccine looks so good! Yum! I've been thinking about incorporating more meatless meals. I'm really not a big meat eater and I would love (and the budget) to have a little less meat in our diet.

  4. Tomato soup and grilled cheese is one of my hubby's favorite dinners on a cold night. I'll have to remember that soup recipe.