21 March 2013

Cloth Diaper Reviews: All-In-Ones

 We have been using cloth diapers for almost a year now. While we have mostly stuck to tri-folded prefolds and covers using this set-up, I have been adding in all-in-ones (AIOs) and a few pocket-style diapers to see if I liked them.

Today I'm going to review 3 of the AIO's we have used. These are all one-size AIO's, which means they should be able to be worn from newborn(ish--I would say at least 8lbs, really) to potty-training.

I paid for all of these (didn't win any), have been using them all for at least 6 months, and nobody is giving me any incentive to review these. (There is one affiliate link at the bottom for the place I use to buy most of my cloth diapers. I only make money on it if you actually buy something.)

The "too long, didn't read" version is that we didn't like the first one (to the point where I sold it off), like the second, and love the third. Read on for details.

First up: ones&twos AIO (link to website)

ones&twos AIO, shown on Cora at 6 months old, about 15 lbs.
I was really excited about this diaper when we got it. It's pretty affordable, retailing for around $17 at most sites, and it's a one-size (usually 8-10lbs all the way up to 35ish). It can be used with or without the additional soaker piece that comes with it. The booster just tucks into a flap on the front of the inside.

We used it without the extra soaker for a little while. I think it was around the 6-month mark we started using the extra part all the time. Then around 10 months, she was wetting through this diaper every time she wore it. You could visibly see the wetness around the legs and sometimes just in middle front of the crotch area. Wetting through the front is where I draw the line, so I ended up selling it on Craigslist.

  • Stickiest aplix EVER! -- also I find aplix diapers very Grandma/caregiver-friendly
  • Price
  • One size
  • Laundry tabs (I refuse to buy any velcro diaper without them!)
  • Trim
  • Synthetic fiber touches baby's skin (I'm starting to think that my baby just wets too much for synthetics)
  • Leaks out the front
  • Aplix was actually so sticky it was hard to undo with one hand
We were able to use it for a few months, but it definitely didn't make it all the way through. I don't know if I should have 'stripped' it or what. The truth is that my cotton prefolds are so easy to deal with that I don't really know how to handle synthetics.

Overall, I would give the ones&twos AIO 2 stars out of 5. 

HOWEVER, I recently found out that ones&twos sells an additional bamboo soaker that you can stack in there, and that may have a good solution for me. But I haven't missed it too much since selling.

Next up: Bumkins AIO (link to website)

This is the only cloth diaper I haven't bought off the internet. Somebody tipped me off that the Pensacola commissary had started carrying some cloth diapers, so I decided to see what they had. It was these Bumkins AIO's for a fabulous price! I think it was $12.99. Definitely worth trying for that price! I have not seen the price that low online, however. So I guess you need to call up your military friends and send them on a hunt. (Don't call me; we have moved on from the military!)

Bumkins AIO on baby around 6 months and 15 lbs

Bumkins AIO, shown on baby around 12 months and 21 lbs.
(I find it fascinating that the only thing that changed in 6 months here was the rise.)

This diaper is a cotton material on the inside (their website says blended cotton and bamboo rayon) and has a tongue design. The tongue helps the diaper dry quickly (and I always dry everything but my covers in the dryer). The tongue then pushes into the pocket and it has snaps to snap it down.  I kind of think those snaps are unnecessary, and I feel like I should unsnap them when I take it off baby. But that area is usually pretty pee-soaked, so it's not the most fun task. I usually don't pull the tongue part out though, and it often agitates out in the washer (I have a HE top-loader, since I know you're wondering).

Bumkins AIO inside, ready to be put on baby

Bumkins AIO with the tongue flap out. You can see the snaps here next to the fold.
This is how it comes out of the dryer.
I also think they went a little snap-happy with the front snaps. I mean, it's great that it can fit all sizes, but there are 5 snaps on each side to snap when putting the diaper on.

  • PRICE!
  • Truly only one piece
  • One size
  • Adorable prints to choose from (including lots of Dr. Seuss prints)
  • Natural fiber touches baby's bottom
  • Tongue part agitates out in my HE top-loader
  • So. Many. Snaps!
  • Tongue snaps into place, which means I'm touching pee when I unsnap it
  • Sorta hard to stuff when rise isn't all the way up (it's closed on the other end)
  • Why is it leaking??!

Overall, I like this diaper. I usually will not put her in an AIO for night-time, but this one happened on her once for night around 8 months and I was quite impressed! (No leaks!) However, we have had a few side leaks in this one in the past month or so--and actually just had one while I was in the middle of writing this review!--but I don't plan to get rid of it (yet?). I asked in a forum about it, and someone told me that I shouldn't leave her in a diaper for more than 2 hours (the leak was right at the 2-hour mark). Umm, maybe I'm just really spoiled with our trifolded prefolds and covers then! A 14-month-old baby shouldn't need to be changed every 2 hours, in my opinion. Does anyone have any suggestions? I think I just may need to tweak her fit some.

I would give the Bumkins AIO 3.5 out of 5 stars. (It was 4 out of 5 until the leak just happened. Sigh.)

Lastly: GroVia AIO (link to website) (my affiliate link to buy this on Mom's Milk Boutique)

This is one of the first AIO's I bought. I had been considering the Grovia AI2 (all-in-two), but somebody on some forum told me it actually took longer to dry. I wanted to try some AIO's for various reasons any way, and this one went on sale because I think they were retiring the print. The 'sale' was still more than I had paid for a diaper, but so far it has been worth it. These go for about $24 at most retailers.

The GroVia has a 'flap' design to make drying quicker. It comes with an additional snap-in booster that you can use for heavy wetters or night time. It is all organic cotton on the inside. We used it without the additional booster until she got to be about 9 months old. We never had a leak, we just knew she was wetting a lot more heavily so I decided to start using it. This diaper also has side snaps, which took some getting used to.

GroVia AIO on baby at 6 months old and 15 lbs.
GroVia AIO shown on baby at 13.5 months, about 22 lbs.
Closer picture of the side snaps

GroVia AIO with extra soaker snapped in and ready for baby

GroVia AIO unfolded and with extra soaker
Alright, I don't make claims like this usually, but this is my favorite diaper EVER. Seriously. It is so trim, but holds so much! We have never had a leak and have been using it for close to a year now. It dries in the dryer in the same amount of time as the prefolds.

  • Organic cotton touches baby's skin
  • Optional snap-in booster
  • Super trim
  • One size, even if you don't believe it when you put it on your chunky 4-month-old. (Kids slim out a bit.)
  • No stuffing
  • Never had a leak--super absorbent
  • Expensive!
  • Side snaps have a bit of a learning curve and not always Daddy/Grandma-friendly
  • Sometimes leaves some read marks on her legs, but she's never been mad about it or seemed like she was in pain
The GroVia AIO gets a 5 out of 5 from me.

Have you used any of these diapers? What did you think?


  1. As a mommy who just switched to cloth for my newborn (4weeks old), it was really helpful on CD review blogs to see photos of the *insides* of the diaper as well. Laid out open for comparison. That really helped me make my decision on what I bought.

    1. Done! (Except the first one, since I don't own it any more!)

  2. I use Grovia wipes and really like them so I've been tempted to try more of their products if we ever need to do something different.

    Also, with pocket diapers & AIO..it is an every two hour thing..boo. My sister uses prefolds and her baby can just pee & pee & pee. I'm a leeeetttllee jealous BUT I still love my diaper rites. We use a disposable overnight (pampers stay dry)even though there are lots of overnight options. It is just what works for us for now. My boy does some serious soaking...

  3. I haven't tried any of those brands of AIOs but I'm tempted to try the Bumkins. I know they sell them at the NEX on Bangor (the one that's about 10 minutes further away from our house.) I've heard good things about them. I have two Bonnie Bums AI2s. (I think that's what they are called.) My mom bought them off baby steals. They have a bamboo insert which I LOVE. We often use them at night because they are just that amazing:)