01 January 2013

One Little Word

Instead of actual resolutions, many people (read: bloggers) are just choosing one word to focus on in the new year. I picked a word in my 12 in '12 post, but as the night went on after that, I ended up changing it.

My word for 2013?
s t r e n g t h

It starts with physical strength. B and I have been lifting weights at the gym, and I am verrrrrrry slowly adding more weight to the bar. I have some number goals in mind for that, and hopefully by the end of the year, I will just feel strong and confident about lifting.

Beyond the physical, there are other areas that need strengthening:
  • Strength in family life. Admitting wrongs, fixing problems peacefully, and embracing my vocation of motherhood. I also realize that I will need to be learning how to discipline a toddler and be a consistently good role model. I have always thought that babies are physically exhausting while older children are mentally exhausting; the thought of a toddler who requires both types of attention is a scary thought for me.
  • Strength for my faith life. More devotions, Bible-reading, and learning what it really means to be a Catholic woman today. We also should probably commit to and join a new church already. We keep going to the same one anyway, so I guess we should become members.
  • Strength in numbers. I need friends here. Good ones. My goal is to have two trustworthy women nearby that I can call my friend by year's end.
I'm sure there are other areas that I will find as the year progresses, but this is a good start.

(Also, for the word nerds, STRENGTH is fascinating. Only one vowel, one syllable, but eight letters long!)

Do you have a "word" for the year?

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