20 January 2013

What I Wore Sunday (Vol. Black and Brown)

Everywhere else I've lived, I have church-shopped to pick a parish home. I thought I would be doing that here. I have now been to a whopping 3 churches in this town over the 3 months we have lived here. We keep going back to that first one. It's mostly because of B's ridiculous schedule, as I would have never picked the Saturday vigil as a first-choice mass. But after another great homily from the priest I like the best, I realized something: We (I?) didn't pick this church, but I think it just picked us. We haven't officially joined yet, though, since they only do that after the 9am mass on the third Sunday of the month following a lunar eclipse and a sighting of the Loch Ness Monster. Or something.

Alright, on to the ol' up-and-down. I think this is one of the first times I've worn black and brown together, but I think I pulled it off.

Did anyone else check out Target this past week? Tons of stuff on 70% off clearance! I got a lot of basics, 2 of which I am sporting here.

Cardigan: Mossimo from Target // Striped shirt: Merona from Target // 'Skirt' that's actually a maternity dress: Liz Lange from Target // Boots: Solanz from Shoe Carnival

Yes, you read that correctly. The 'skirt' I'm wearing is really a maternity dress. I had wanted to winter-fy a dress to see if I could, and today was the perfect day.  Here is a picture of me at 24 weeks preggers back in October 2011 sporting this dress (and barefoot and in the kitchen, per a friend's request):
I added the scarf/sash. It's just a black dress.
This dress also looked good enough to wear even after all the baby weight was gone. I found one of me from a trip to Houston last June:

This is just my kinda outfit! Looks good when pregnant, looks good when not pregnant, easy to nurse in, doesn't need ironing, and great for ridiculously hot weather. (It was 100° and I was determined to sight-see--my hair, on the other hand, was not so pleased with that decision.) Oh, I also bought it for less than $3 from the--you guessed it--Target clearance rack. Sure hope there's one of those in heaven.

Bonus: I heard you people like outtakes. And as I actually convinced my husband to take the pictures this week (after mass, dinner, and baby's bedtime), there were definitely some outtakes:
Okay yes, I almost did use that one on the left as my main picture this week, so I'm not sure if it qualifies. My husband had just said that my clothes were all too big for me, and I was rather offended.
I'm sure you can tell by my expression.
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  1. Black & brown is totally a success - What Not to Wear AND Ain't No Mom Jeans both say it's okay, and that's where I get all my fashion permission :P

  2. Totally agree that black and brown can play together well. Props to you for getting so much use out of your dress!

  3. Boyfriend cardi. Another thing that gents just don't get.

    Anywho, I love black and brown :-) I know a lot of people are scared of it, but it occurs in nature, so it's totally legit. Plus, I think the red of your cardigan really ties the two neutrals together nicely :-)

  4. Yay! You're back! Nice to see you today, friend! And yep, I surrrre did check out that clearance rack at Target and got a couple of things. Great outtakes and a huge fan of pregnancy/non-pregnancy friendly dresses! I have one myself too.

  5. First - I LOVE that you used a dress as a skirt. How frugally chic of you!!
    Second - the buckle details on the boots are lovely.
    Third - you totally rocked the black/brown conundrum.
    Looking good!!

  6. We had the same happen to us with our church. We've lived here for 8+ years and have never gone to the other church here in town. We were going to try them both but St Pats called us. Now we're active in our parish, our son goes to school there, etc. God knows where he wants us. :)

    You rocked the brown & black and love how you are using the dress before & after.

    Jealous we don't have a Target close to us. Lookin' good lady!

  7. I think you did a great job with the black and brown! The whole outfit really works together!

  8. The maternity dress looks great as a non-maternity dress and I really do need to get a pair of brown boots so I can try this black and brown combo. Loving it!

  9. Love it! I recently tried a "dress as a skirt" recently, since I didn't have a plain black skirt. I love that your dress is so versatile, I have a few maternity tanks & leggings I still wear, but nothing else. I just hate having an entire separate set of clothes for only 9 months (really, only maybe 6 months)!

    One of my first WIWS, I experimented with black & brown. It came out fine, I think, but haven't mixed those colors again since.

  10. Target clearance for the win! I'm wearing some today too that I picked up this week!

    I love that dress.

    Also, Houston is brutal for hair. I'm in Houston now. It's killer.

  11. The magic of the brown boot continues- you can wear them with EVERYTHING!

  12. I'm seriously thinking about trying the maternity dress as a skirt look!

  13. Super creative. Its great to find such a versatile piece that you always seem to look great in. Glad you are finding a good church home too!

  14. That tip about turning a maternity dress into a skirt is a great one! I very well may try that tomorrow!