11 January 2013

7 Quick Takes (Sick and Not in Bed Edition)

--- 1 ---
Last night I decided to ask B to start doing the first wake-up with the baby so I could sleep and hopefully she would start night-weaning. At 11:30pm, all I heard was screaming. Creaking floors. And then screaming some more. After about 20 minutes, B came in and said, "Maybe we shouldn't start this night-weaning thing when she's sick?" I nursed her back to sleep in about 10 minutes.
Point taken.
(We've all had a case of the sniffles this week, but I think we're almost recovered.)

--- 2 ---
So as much as I didn't want to, I think we may be starting a cry-it-out soon. (Yes, I just said a whopping 2 days ago that I don't do this.) I probably wouldn't do it on a baby less than 6 months old, but she's 11 months old and I have so many regrets on how we've been getting her to sleep for the past 8 months or so. I mean, she only napped in her swing for 6 months. Just...yikes.

I was trying to find a different book on the library website and stumbled upon this one:  5 Days to a Perfect Night's Sleep for Your Child. It was available for the Kindle, so I figured why not? We're going down to Indy for the weekend, but whatever this book says will be implemented starting Monday.

I have already read No-Cry Sleep Solution, and honestly, that one just looked like it took too much work. Between having visitors/teething/staying at the in-laws' house for the week of Christmas/teething again/being sick, it was impossible to start logging for 10 days to see any consistency. Also, No-Cry made me feel like I was ahead of the game since it talked a lot about co-sleeping babies who wake like 8 times a night. We have 2 wakings, but some of those we're up for over an hour, and that's when I start losing my mind.

--- 3 ---
Okay, enough about sleep. Baby Cora started swim lessons this week. Okay, I guess we BOTH are doing them, since she's not even a year old. We learned about "kicks and scoops," blowing bubbles, and I learned lots of fun things to do with her in the water. She did really well for her first lesson. She loved the pool down in Florida, so I had no doubts about this.

--- 4 ---
B gave me a belated Christmas gift (yes, it was beyond Epiphany at that). He originally got me us a heater for our bedroom since it's so cold in there, but he said that I deserved a gift for myself, too. I think it has to do with his commute. The exit where he works only has two things on it: the GM plant where he works, and the Vera Bradley headquarters. Since he wasn't planning on getting me a truck, I guess he thought this was a good idea:
a wallet, and it's in Georgia colors!
For what it's worth, I never actually asked him for Vera Bradley anything, so this was a neat surprise. (I had mentioned going to the big outlet sale they do here every spring though, to stock up on gifts or get some deals for friends. Still looking forward to that!)

--- 5 ---
I'm going to see Jersey Boys tomorrow! My in-laws had an extra ticket for the matinee, and they knew I'd be interested. B will be doing his Reserve thing, and baby will be left in the hopefully-capable hands of B's littlest brother and his girlfriend. Yes, my babysitters are high-schoolers. I'm sure they'll be fine. If anything, B gets off work at 4ish and will be home to rescue her.

--- 6 ---
I'm starting to plan my little princess's first birthday party! I've settled on a pink and brown 'theme' and even got one of B's relatives to let us use their house since our apartment is too small. I had an invitation made up on Wal-Mart's website and was about to get it printed, but then my friends at Shutterfly sent me a $20 credit in my email. Jumping ship has never been so easy!

--- 7 ---
She looks so classy in her blazer.
She was also rocking skinny jeans with a big cloth-diapered booty.

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  1. I homebirth, cloth diaper, breastfeed, wear my babies, delay/decline vax, don't circumsize, homeschool, etc. But one thing I can not do is avoid CIO! lol
    All 5 of my babies slept with me until about 10-12 months and I was never successful with any other way of getting them out! I would never leave a little baby to just cry, like you said. But once they're older, I just haven't seen that it's a tough transition.
    For us it's only taken a few nights and then we have rockstar sleepers (even still).
    Sleep is such a tough topic! I hope you find something that works great for you! :-)

  2. Your struggles with sleep are definitely encouraging me to not take the easy way out while James is young. It is SOOO much easier to just let him fall asleep in his bouncer, my arms, the swing, etc instead of intentionally putting him down in his co-sleeper. Obviously, he is waaaaaay too young {in my opinion} for CIO BUT I am trying to teach him to self soothe and using cues {white noise, a little music stuffed animal, tight swaddle, NUK} to help him understand when it is sleepy time. It is going pretty well so far..if you ignore the fact that right now he is taking his long morning snooze in my arms ;) There is a time and a place for everything!! :)