23 December 2012

What I Wore Sunday (Vol. 8)

I'm back at this again!
It looks like the 5pm Saturday vigil is becoming our mass. I don't really like that, but B has been working every Sunday, so it's just another sacrifice of married life (and him being employed, which I am very happy about). I find the vigil is hard because it feels like just another thing "to do" on Saturday. I was bumming around in a hoodie and jeans all day, complaining about constantly being cold, and it just didn't feel right to wear that to mass. I looked like a mess and felt like one too. Changing my clothes immediately brightened my mood.

Don't mind the little bokeh spot
It probably also helped that of the five pieces I wore, FOUR of them were new (to me).

Button-up shirt: The Limited (thrifted way back in high school) // Vest: NY&Co. (hand-me-down from my sister) // Skirt: Ralph Lauren (thrifted) // Leggings (fleece-lined!): Target // Boots: Bare Traps from DSW (my Christmas gift from my mommy)

That third picture is THE COAT. I mentioned it a few weeks ago, and now it is finally cold enough to wear it.
Coat: Kenneth Cole Reaction from Burlington Coat Factory
The coat probably could stand to be a bit warmer, but at least I felt pretty and fabulous in it. I have found out that this coat exists in two other colors, but they are out of stock everywhere online. If they ever come back in, I'm buying both! I really like how the hood is removable (it zips off) and it looks good either buttoned all the way up or leaving the top two buttons undone.
I get cold very easily, so hood went up!
A few observations on mass for this 4th Sunday of Advent: sitting up front is the absolute-hands-down best way for me to pay attention. All of the other times we've gone to this church, someone's head has been blocking my view, and it causes me to lose focus. We found an open pew in the very front this time, and it was so much better for me. 

Also, I don't know what's up with this church, but the congregation LOVES to sing. It is fantastic. I love to sing, and at previous parishes I often felt like I was just an extension of the choir or a cantor-wannabe. (True story: at my church in Norfolk, a visiting priest made everyone sing "Jingle Bells" in the middle of July because he said that we didn't sing loudly enough.) 

But that is not a problem here. I first noticed this when we went to the most recent holy day mass. The choir (might have just been a few cantors, actually) did a song during the Offertory that I had never heard before. They don't generally do sing-along songs for that part of mass--they just show off their musical chops with something choral. Well, I looked around and I noticed all kinds of people singing along. And singing along to the different parts, too. Old blue-haired ladies and teenage dudes in letter jackets alike. I seriously did a triple-take. Maybe I can point this out and finally get B to start singing at mass.

I will leave you with this photo because it caused me to laugh hysterically:
Baby is a total camera ham (I promise I'm not scolding her) BUT WHO IS THAT ON THE COUCH??!?
This pretty much sums up our family.


  1. Cute outfit and the last photo is the best!

  2. Boot and coat are so fab!! Love the outtake and changing clothes into Mass attire ABSOLUTELY changes my outlook on getting "ready" for Mass. Blessings!

  3. AH I could use some fleece-lined leggings like WHOA. I love a good vest :-)

    I know the feeling when it comes to singing in Mass. Unfortunately, the parish on base here is probably THE WORST I've ever encountered in terms of near silence during songs. I'm not made for music ministry, but I just remind myself that singing loudly maybe empowers a few not-so-confident songbirds to project!

  4. I love your button up shirt with the sweater, it looks warm and so fashionable!
    Hooray for churches that actually sing! I joined the choir in a new parish about a month ago and I feel like no one ever sings except the choir, so enjoy your parish and their singing for me! =) Merry Christmas!

  5. Such a cute coat, and those boots are fab! Also love the colors in your sweater vest. :)

  6. I love love love the shirt/sweater vest combo. I love this linkup because it always shows me these great pieces of clothing I'd never think to wear. But now? I'm keeping my eyes peeled for the sweater vest.

  7. Cute outfit; good for you for still fitting into a shirt from high school!! :-) and I really like your last picture!

  8. Fleece lined leggings???? Genius!

    And I totes love the boots.

  9. That coat looks so fabulously dramatic all buttoned up. My Aunt Linda always taught me if you love a piece of clothing, buy it in all available colors!

  10. I must say, you look like you are withering away, my friend! You don't even look like you had a baby. LOL.

  11. The coat is fantastic!! And fleece lined leggings??? Who knew!?

  12. Oh, I LOVE to sing! When we were looking for a new parish one was eliminated almost only because the congregation didn't sing at all. I fwelt like I was a soloist!