21 December 2012

7 Quick Takes (Christmas Decor Edition)

This is going to be a mostly photo edition of 7QT! You get to glimpse at some (most) of our Christmas decorations. We live in a small apartment and have been progressively baby-proofing (we have a curious one). I'm also going to double-dip and add this to NFP and Me's Christmas Decor linkup.
--- 1 ---

My sister gave me this version of the Nativity for Christmas last year. When my parents were in town this past weekend, one of them (probably Mom) moved them to say "YOJ." Sigh.

--- 2 ---

Our stockings are hung by the chimney. Oh wait, we don't have a chimney and also have to push stuff up against the fireplace so baby can't climb into the thing (works most of the time). My stocking (on the right), I've had all my life, and B and Cora will be getting similar ones hopefully by next year. As a placeholder for B's, my mom got a cheapo stocking and printed out an iron-on to show him what his will look like. Also, I think something is in my stocking already from Santa Mom.
--- 3 ---

Baby has her own Little People Nativity (given to her as a Christmas gift last year, when she was still in utero). There's a sheep missing, probably under our couch or something. Usually this is all over the floor--she really likes that angel--but she's napping so I put it back together for a photo op.

--- 4 ---

Why yes, we have a real Nativity set as well. Family tradition to put an animal on the roof.

--- 5 ---

Are. You. Ready?
--- 6 ---

We originally had the Christmas cards hanging off the bar like we did last year. But baby grew an inch overnight or something, so they had to move. That's our utility closet. And check out another Holy Family decoration there on the table. All of my decorations have been gifts, by the way. Including our newest--this little guy on the bar:

--- 7 ---

Can't forget the tree! Pushed all the way back so baby can't get it. Except for the time she did somehow...
And her ornament:

--- 8 ---
Bonus take: gratuitous baby with Santa photo!

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  1. I love the Holy Family on the table!

  2. Oh my goodness: I LOVE that JOY nativity and her little people one! So precious! I still have the nativity scene from when I was a kid and display it in our living room every year! What fabulous decorations!

  3. Nice decor. I especially like the red snowflake lantern.

  4. Aww, I love the pic of her with Santa. I've been meaning to upload my Christmas decor pics for the Xmas link up. Still have yet to do it.

  5. I keep meaning to do this and then I keep remembering that we don't really have much Christmas decor. Ooooooooops!

  6. I love the idea for the cards on the doors. What a great way to display them!

    The JOY nativity is so neat. I love it.

    Thanks for linking up! Merry Christmas!

  7. The JOY nativity is fantastic! And, you reminded me to upload the Santa pics of the kids. Totally forgot!

  8. Beautiful! I esp love the Santa balancing on one leg. And I just noticed your baby's name is Cora--lovely name!