02 December 2012

What I Wore Sunday (Vol. 7)

Check out the awesome sauce.
I tried yet another church today. Since B is off doing his Navy Reserve stuff, I went to mass with his aunt and uncle at a beautiful church downtown. While I was getting ready, I kinda sorta felt like I was prepping for a date! A date with Jesus, that is. A date that lasted only 45 minutes, which I found odd for the 9:15 time slot. But unlike a normal date, I don't have to worry if my date is going to walk me to the door or call me tomorrow. I sang "Jesus Loves Me" the entire ride home. (Not really.)

Not sure if I would wear this on an actual date. Also, I'm not barefoot.
Most of this outfit is secondhand in one way or another. My mother-in-law had a bunch of clothes that apparently don't fit her any more, including a handful of nice dress shirts and a few skirts. Some of them still need to be altered a bit to fit me well, but I'm not one to turn down great wardrobe staples! When I put this shirt on, even though it fit well, it overwhelmed my petite frame. I decided to roll the sleeves up a bit to balance it out. I also think my outfit would go better with some colorful flats or tights, but alas, I do not own either of those. Maybe another day.

Shirt: Eddie Bauer (secondhand from MIL) // Belt: also from MIL, she said it came with a pair of pants // Skirt: The Limited (thrifted) // Tights: have had forever and wasn't sure if they'd still fit // Shoes: RocketDog from Burlington Coat Factory

Oh, you may have noticed that I never wear earrings in any of my outfit posts. That is because I fall into the 12% of American women (I made up that statistic) who don't have pierced ears. My mom had a rule that you had to be 14--she doesn't have pierced ears either and most likely wanted us to be able to maintain them on our own. My sister got hers done on her 14th birthday. And I just never really wanted it. I still don't.  I know it's the norm in some cultures to pierce baby girls' ears, and that is fine, but I think I'll keep my mom's "14 rule" in this house. Even though my baby girl has minimal hair and looks like a boy. She also pulls headbands off in 2.467 seconds flat. Here's a gratuitous baby picture taken during those few seconds from we watched THE BIG GAME last night.

Cute baby almost makes up for disappointing game outcome. ALMOST.
(Oh, I forgot to mention the coat again from last week. I have indeed taken the tags off and started wearing it. However, it wasn't cold enough to wear today--in the 50's and rainy, so maybe next week I'll get a picture. I'm still loving it.)


  1. I love that shirt! Cute, cute.

  2. Cute outfit! And hooray for a date with Jesus! I've got 7 piercings between my 2 ears, so that should make up for yours not being pierced, if you want to count it that way ;-)

  3. I like your outfit today :-) If you're worried about the shirt being too big, a high-waisted pencil skirt or some hight-waisted trousers will make sure that it's only blousey from the waist up.

    Parish "shopping" is always hard in a new place. We still bounce around a little bit here, and while I love knowing all of the parishes in some capacity, I like having a routine. Nick's irregular work schedule doesn't let us stick to just one Mass/parish though. More reason to miss St. Paul's, right?

    1. Good call on the pencil skirt! I had been eyeing one at Target a few months back (before the move). I probably should have gotten it then--but maybe it's on sale now? Glad I have more fashionable friends pointing the way.

      And yes about parish 'shopping.' We went to at least 10 in Pensacola before finding St. Paul's! (Hey, it was a hike!)

  4. Wow, she is lookin' so much like B these days! What a cutie. I also noticed that you are wearing tights! Looks good!

  5. I love the pinstripes in that shirt!

  6. Cute skirt! And I don't have pierced ears either. I got them done when I was 20ish and kept them in long enough to be able to change to new earrings, and then decided that I really don't *like* the concept.

  7. I love the "date with Jesus" idea. So great! And love your shoes, too.

  8. Um, I love RocketDog shoes! Your outfit is so cute, & awesome thrifted skirt.