23 December 2013

This Year's Card

Just thought I'd show off our Christmas card for the year, now that most of our family members have received it!

The back had a picture of us in front of our new house with our address. I made this on picaboo, which I had never used before but had the best deal for what I needed. It was pretty easy and I could customize almost all of it, including the back.

 photo christmaslinkup_zps5800f5af.jpg

And Cora got to see Santa this weekend! She was not amused.

B says it looks like last year's picture, so let's compare:

He has a point.

Happy Christmas, everyone!


  1. Thanks for linking up! I'm pretty sure Santa pictures are supposed to be horrible. What's the fun in looking back at smiling children?

  2. Oh my goodness she has grown so much! I always think it is crazy how much my niece and nephew change in a year. Also love the Christmas cards! :)