09 September 2013

Skirtember: Week One Recap

Hey, did you know it's Skirtember? My grand plan is to wear a skirt or dress every single day of the month of September.
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Let's check in and see how I've been doing.

The month started out easy enough. The first was a Sunday, so I wore my jersey LBD to church.

Easy breezy not too sleazy.
Then the next day was Labor Day, and I went up to my in-laws' lake house. I looked cute with some ruffles.

Then it went downhill. We just bought a house, and it needs a ton of work! We're still living at our apartment 20 minutes away because of how much work it needs. So I was going over to the house every day and working on stuff while Cora took a nap in her pack-n-play over there. My outfits definitely started to suffer, starting on Day 3.

I was spending most of my time up on a step-stool/ladder thingy removing wallpaper borders and after a day of that it was clear I needed real shoes with real soles. Hence, Day 4.

Day 5: more manual labor. I just gave up on this with the house stuff.
However, I came back home, took a shower, and looked pretty cute by the time B got home from work! (And my feet are always cold, hence the socks.)

Day 6: Toddler Story Time at the library. Read: I have to sit on the floor.
Leggings to the rescue! With my red and black look, back in Georgia they would have said I looked very "gameday" (yep, it's an adjective).

The shoes I wore that day were cute, too.
(from my archives)
Well, they were cute and comfortable until I hit about the 3-hour mark shopping for a dress for a wedding. (Never did find a dress.) It seems one of my biggest issues with wearing a skirt every day has been the shoes.

Day 7: Painting at the house. I give up for the blasted house. I have no skirts I care to paint in. T-shirt and basketball shorts I've had since high school win the day.

B and Cora were away for the weekend (my first time without the tot!), so I got home from painting, took a shower, put on my PJ's and watched the Dawgs play. Sorrynotsorry.

Day 8: Back in the saddle.

It was Sunday again, and I think I made up for the day before by wearing FOUR different outfits throughout the course of the day. This dress to mass, some painting clothes to work on the house in. Then I went to something touristy downtown (it was free that day!), so I changed into my LBD from last Sunday for that. And then workout clothes when I went running right before sunset. Whew!

This week it's more house stuff for me, so we'll see what happens.

All pictures in this post are courtesy of self-timer. :-/


  1. Oooh, your last dress is extra pretty and I love those plaid shoes! I'm a big fan of wearing leggins with skirts and dresses--they look good and are super practical, too!

  2. You are so funny! I love this idea but agree with you that sometimes a skirt or dress just isn't practical depending on what you have going on. I really like your "gameday" outfit and those cute plaid flats! :)

  3. You are looking great in these! Love your dresses on the first and last days, and game day outfit is super cute! The detail at the bottom of that skirt is cute!

  4. I'm also a big fan of leggings! They are comfy and cute and help preserve your modesty while children seem determined to put you in compromising situations!

  5. LOVE your gameday outfit! That skirt looks so cute with leggings! I also love your disclosure that all the pictures were self timer taken! Too fun :D

  6. You did great! I love that last dress, very pretty. Thanks for participating so far!!


  7. I love the first dress. I wear socks around the house, regardless of what I'm wearing. It's a pain to take them off for pictures ha ha. Thanks for joining in, Cat!