13 September 2013

7 Quick Takes

--- 1 ---
I'm kinda sick. I'm sneezing, stuffy-nosed, my throat hurts, and I'm a little achy. Actually, I went running on Wednesday morning and I had this wacky pain/soreness shooting through my quad and into my glutes. It stopped the second I stopped running and started walking. Yet I just pushed through it and ended up running 2.5 miles. My goal was 4 miles, but it just didn't happen. It sucked, and I probably shouldn't have done it. I'm praying that it's related to my minor cold and not anything major. Fingers crossed.

--- 2 ---
Last week I had the first night(s) without my baby in her entire life. B had to go to Indy for Drill weekend, and he took Cora with him (he stays with his parents there). She spent the whole weekend with Grandma while I slept in(!), painted, and did other things in our house. I also managed to shop for a dress for my BIL's upcoming wedding (Cora is the flower girl!), but came up empty-handed. I've never bought a dress online, but I think that may be what's about to happen. Or I can just wear my 'nice' LBD, but who wears black to a wedding? (Guilty.)

--- 3 ---
After a quick search through the past 8 years of tagged Facebook photos, I wore this black dress to at least 4 weddings between the years of 2006 and 2009.

Here is when I caught the bouquet a few months before my own wedding:
(It was my first time ever catching the bouquet, and obviously the last time I could attempt it.)

Nice dress, I should probably try it on again just in case.

--- 4 ---
We bought a refrigerator! It's being delivered to the new house tomorrow.

After listening to quite a bit of pros and cons about fridges from various people and looking at our budget, we decided to go with a side-by-side in satina steel. This looks like stainless but it's magnetic and it doesn't get finger prints. (Feel free to tell me how awesome your french door with bottom freezer is, but only if you hand me the extra thousand bucks to buy it.) We got this Whirlpool model:

One of the gripes I heard was that you couldn't fit a frozen pizza in a side-by-side so I made sure we got a model that has adjustable shelves in both the fridge part and the freezer. (B's original solution: "Just don't buy frozen pizza." You could probably see the glare I gave him from the moon.) It also has a child lock on the ice/water maker and the ice maker is in the door.

--- 5 ---
We also got a suh-weet deal at Lowe's with 10% off with our military discount AND we're getting another $120 back from a rebate they have going. So all of the locals here who keep telling me Menards has lower prices (no military discount, no rebates, fridge was the same price to start with) can just hush for a bit.

--- 6 ---
The fridge is being delivered at 7:30am tomorrow. We still don't live at the house yet. It's 30 minutes away, and I am not a morning person. Argh. (I also have to tote the tot, her breakfast and lunch, toys, and naptime stuff, since we're just gonna make a day of it.)

--- 7 ---
My car turns 6 years old tomorrow! She had 2 miles on her when I got her, and now has been titled in 4 states (GA, VA, FL, IN).

Here is a picture of its backside:
Corollas are roomier than they appear!
p.s. This is my mommy car. For now.

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  1. 1. Feel better!
    2. Awesome that you got a weekend "off". And while it's also awesome that B can stay with his folks, if he lives 50 miles away from his Drill site, the Navy will pay for a hotel for him (just an FYI)! I had to do that in CA since I was drilling 2 hours away from home.
    3. Nice fridge! Glad you found one that will hide finger prints! I don't like the freezer drawer on the bottom....my kiddos would be in that thing ALL. THE. TIME. As for frozen pizza, we've had three side-by-sides, and that has never been an issue!

  2. That's the same fridge we have! But I'll warn you, NOTHING hides fingerprints. Ever. Other than that, it's a great fridge :) And difficult enough for the kids to open that my 2.5yo still can't open it on her own. AND the sensor that tells you a door is open for too long is AWESOME!

  3. True story: my cousin caught at least 3 bouquets (my wedding included), before her now husband finally proposed. Anyway...that's not important, but your story made me think of it. Sorry for randomness. :-)