11 August 2013

What I Wore Sunday (Hampton Roads Edition)

It's been 3 years, but I am back! I lived in Norfolk/Virginia Beach (yes, that's in Virginia, for those too lazy to look at a map) back when I was dating/engaged/newly married to B. The rough timeline of that is from September 2007-August 2010. This is a huge military area, and B was a military man, so it makes sense. Now he's only a 'part-time' military man, doing his 2-week Reservist commitment here right now. Cora and I tagged along to see old friends and visit the old stompin' ground.

This old stompin' ground of course included a visit for mass at my old parish, Sacred Heart. We actually used to live within walking distance of the church, and I loved walking through the beautiful urban neighborhoods on Sunday morning. The choir at this church is just amazing, and the music director writes a lot of the music (but it sounds like it could have been written 300 years ago!). And the acoustics in there just enhance the choir sooo much. I'm such a music/choir snob.

I love the detail on the ceiling rafters
The priest saw me during his processional and perked up and gave me a little wave (or maybe it was just a nod of the head?) We got to introduce Cora to him and to some other people, and I remembered how this church really felt like home. I haven't really had that much attachment to a church since, even though I did like our Pensacola parish.

Speaking of Cora, isn't she looking quite adorable today?
Dress: H&M // Shoes: Payless
As for her mass behavior, it was okay. All she wanted to do was climb up onto the pew and then climb down. Finally B gave her his iPhone and she was just entertained by pushing the button over and over. Are there any kids' toys that have buttons that work to do something on a visual level but don't make noise? Because the would be the perfect mass toy for this child.

And oh yeah, what I wore:
Tank: Merona from Target // Skirt: thrifted a long, long time ago // Shoes: Target //
Necklace: Body Central // Watch: Charming Charlie
Two things: This skirt looks awesome with a white shirt, but the white shirt I have got a stain on it right before we left on the trip. Therefore, it did not come with us. Second thing: I know some people out there are anti-tank top or bare arms for church, but I'm not one of those people. My high school had a "2-finger width" rule for the strap of the tank (so no spaghetti straps), and I think that's reasonable. I had a non-matchy cardigan with me in case I got cold, but it's August in the South. Enough said. A lot of women in this parish were wearing sleeveless dresses, and I thought they looked great.

What do you think about bare arms in church?

And just 'cause I love it so, I'll leave you with a picture of the outside of Sacred Heart in Norfolk:

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  1. Cora is adorable!!!! (Mommy looks good too.)

  2. You look great...and I think that top is totally fine for Mass. I like the "two finger's width rule"...I think that makes a lot of sense. I've been known to wear sleeveless or tops like that to Mass before.

  3. I think totally bare shoulders are a bit much (strapless), but sleeveless tops are OK, in my book. There is nothing that salacious about my shoulders. At work and at church, I tend to go for "sleeveless" that equals a shirt without a sleeve and covered shoulders, but bare arms.

    That said, I wore a strapless wedding dress and I think that was even more tasteful/modest since I was not exposing the girls.

  4. You look great (and Cora is adorable!). I really like your necklace.

    I think strapless or spaghetti strap is not appropriate for mass, but sleeveless is fine. And I agree with a previous poster that a lot of the discretion should be on fit... someone could easily make a sleeveless shirt immodest with a bad fit, you know?

  5. Cute! I *love* Cora's sweet dress!