30 August 2013

7 Quick Takes (plus one)

--- 1 ---
I met a blog friend in real life this week! 'Poe Kitten' (not her real name) from Many Waters was driving sorta nearby here on her cross-country road trip. I drove up to Michigan and spent an afternoon in her cousin's house and just hung out with her and her adorable daughter (and a handful of other people, too, since her cousin is a mom of 6).

She was as cool in person as she is online! Granted, we talk on twitter all the time and even took a class on Coursera 'together', so I shouldn't be too surprised. It was just like having a baby playdate with an old friend, easy and relaxed.

--- 2 ---
Something weird about meeting an online friend in person: I realized about 10 minutes before I got there that I wasn't 100% sure how to pronounce her first name. Turns out the way I'd been saying it in my head for the past few years was incorrect. Well, now I know!

--- 3 ---
I did a Color Me Rad 5K this past weekend! Read all about it! There was a professional photographer there, and he got this extra pic of me (that I don't plan on buying, so the logo is staying).
At the 4K color station

--- 4 ---
Speaking of running, I'm less than a month away from my Fort4Fitness 4-mile race. I'm starting to realize that this one is THE running event around here! Well, not just the 4-miler, there's also a 10K and a half-marathon at this event. And being a big event, we get cool stuff. Vera Bradley is giving all the participants a market tote (retail value $8!). We also get a medal at the finish (an "EGAM" says husband--is this a military term??) and a FREE photo of us crossing the finish line. (Tips on what wacky pose I should strike are welcome.) Oh, and the finish line is the home plate of our minor league baseball stadium. B kept saying I was a fool for paying to run (something I can do for free), but at least I'm making some of that back in a way. (I think I paid less for this race than the Color Me Rad, too.) I'm sure the atmosphere at the race will be exhilarating, if it's the kind of event I think it will be.

--- 5 ---
The next few takes will be all about our new house! After posting the picture of us standing outside it on FB, there were requests for inside pics. Well, we aren't moving in for at least another month, since there is so much work to do! Seriously, the previous owners were both lazy and cheap--a horrible combination for homeowners--and never cleaned (or paid someone to clean). They also let their dogs pee everywhere and we're pretty sure they smoked indoors. So new paint, new carpet, new lighting, new knobs and kitchen hardware (1990's gold-brass--that has to go), lots and lots of cleaning, and a bathroom renovation are on the agenda. It seriously hurts my brain just to think of all the work, even though a lot of that will be hired out.

--- 6 ---
On that note, my in-laws are awesome. They came up here to help with the house last weekend, and B's dad did some serious work on our landscaping (oh, the people didn't keep up their yard very well either). The neighbors took notice and many came over to meet us and one even brought tomatoes from his garden! I have this strange hunch that they're glad the old owners are out.

While B and his Dad were working in the yard, my MIL and I tried to attack the kitchen. It was a lot of contact paper-removing and lots and lots of cleaning. Still not done. (I can only do so much when Cora is running around there as well.) They're coming up again this weekend, and we can hopefully accomplish more (although B is working every day). I totally feel like a slave-driver, even though I didn't ask them to do any of this.

Here's a sneak peek of our kitchen:
We need a refrigerator, new lights, new knobs, new (or no) curtains, and the floor needs to be professionally cleaned. Oh, my head.
--- 7 ---
Refrigerators? Got one that you love? Tell me about it! I think we want a side-by-side (with the freezer on the left, not on the bottom).

--- 8 ---
Anyone wanna join me for Skirtember? All you gotta do is look purty in a dress or skirt every day of next month.

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  1. I've been wearing a LOT of skirts to work lately. That said, I have about... 3. And about 1 dress I can wear to work. So it might drive me crazy to try, but maybe I'll continue to boost my skirt-wearing. Honestly, they're more comfortable than pants!

    I don't know what EGAM means, but that's some pretty awesome swag for your run! I'm going to do the "Wicked 10k" down in Virginia Beach for Halloween weekend. The medal is giant shiny, sparkly pumpkin. :-)

    Good news on your kitchen: that's an awesome layout/work flow! Booo to all the work, but on the upside, you know it'll be the way you want...once it's done, right?

  2. Yay! One of these days I'd like to meet you as well. And "Poekitten" really is totally awesome!

  3. Wow! Your kitchen is huge. That is really nice. We have the french door fridge (which has the freezer on the bottom) and I love it. So I guess I'm not much help there. Ours is the LG brand and we have been pleased if that helps a little.

  4. Skirts are so much easier to fit than pants (if you have hips). I love the swirly ones, but then there's the risk of a Marilyn Monroe situation....

  5. Thanks for the Skirtember plug! I think I'm going to try it...also, would love for you to check out my blog! www.notesfromheidi.wordpress.com

  6. Hey! Thanks for promoting Skirtember! Excited :D:D

  7. Hey, I did Skirtember in July! Their title is better than mine, though :P

  8. Make sure you measure your space for the fridge. Then go pick the LARGEST one you can that has the features you like. That's my advice. We have a GE side-by-side. My must-have was an ice/water dispenser that was high enough that little hands couldn't depress the lever and let the water out. And I like to have three drawers in the fridge (for deli meat/cheese, veggies, and fruits). That is just me, though! Good luck! OH.....another tip....depending on what appliances you need, get everything the same color and decide if having different brands is an issue for you. As far as resale, some people are put off by sets that don't match, so we stuck to no more than 2 different brands for our fridge, stove/oven, microwave, and dishwasher (we've replaced everything but the microwave in this house).

  9. What an awesome kitchen! That's going to look great once a family who loves it starts using it. How fun to to meet a web friend in real life! The pictures look like you all had a great time.

    My husband wanted a stainless steel looking fridge, but the finger prints the kids put on it just in the store!! Fortunatley they also had one that looked stainless, but was really some sort of "finiah." It handles the finger prints really well.