30 October 2012

What I Miss

I'm really bad with goodbyes.  They don't really affect me too much, and I hate when people get all weepy about me leaving.  I usually see the adventure ahead of me more than the place that I might miss later.  Our most recent goodbye was rushed, but that was fine with me.  Why drag it out?

I was recently trying to think about things I'm starting to miss from the past two years down in Pensacola.  So far, it's a short list.  When thinking about that, I also started reflecting on things I actually do miss from previous homes.  I have much more clarity for those things since the dust has settled and I have those way behind me.  I thought I'd share those lists with you today.  (I'm not going to say I miss certain people or friends on any of these.  Obviously it's a given, but people are also mobile.  Most of the friends from each of these places don't live there any more anyway.)

Lawrenceville, GA (home)
  • Is it bad that I can't think of anything?  Maybe that's a blessing.
Athens, GA (college)
  • Free or cheap entry into a lot of great sporting events, including football and gymnastics
  • Free city and campus bus system with my student ID
  • Myers Quad
  • Tons of stuff to do
Jacksonville, FL (AmeriCorps year)
  • Main Library
  • My bike (which was stolen on my last night living there)
  • Ultimate frisbee pickup game on Sundays
Hampton Roads, VA
  • Sacred Heart Church
  • Walkable Ghent neighborhood
  • Imperio Inca restaurant
  • Norfolk Botanical Gardens
  • Croatan beach and watching the surfers
Pensacola, FL
  • St. Paul Parish
  • Brie dip from Hopjacks
  • Teaching Budget for Baby class
  • Naval Hospital Pensacola and free healthcare
  • Central Time Zone
  • (To be determined with time and comparison!)
The Pensacola list was actually longer than I expected (sure as heck beat out Jax). My hometown, however . . . ouch. Sorry, Lawrenceville!


  1. Just stumbled by while surfing 7 Quick Takes...prayers for this new transition! I'm another Catholic (former) military mama, we just got out of the Army this past year and moved to my husband's hometown in CO. It's been a huuuge adjustment but has been so worth it, too! Prayers for new friends and opportunities in this new chapter!

  2. Oh wow, I just now saw this although I first "met" your blog around the time you posted it. Pcola is my home town, and my sister got married at St. Paul's last summer. Glad you enjoyed your time there!