21 October 2012

What I Wore Sunday

Y'know, back before I got pregnant, I used to do some of the "What Am I Wearing?" linkups.  But then I got lazy and basically existed in falling-down maternity jeans and the same four t-shirts. Well, I am pleased be joining a brand-spankin'-new hop that will show off my Sunday best. Fine Linen and Purple has started a new one, and it's all about what we wear to church!  Generally my best outfit of the week happens at mass, so this is perfect.
Check it out!
Today was an anomaly.  My MIL was here and offered to watch baby while B and I went to earlier mass, and then she went later.  It was the first time since before she was born we went to mass without her!  It felt a bit odd, especially because we're new in this town and it was our first time attending mass in Fort Wayne. Well, my first time, that is.  We went to the church where B attended K-5 Catholic elementary school.  He even remembered the priest once he heard the voice (said he hasn't changed a bit!).

So, on to what I wore:
B told me I looked like a starving grad student in this outfit!  I was wearing white socks with my shoes, which was dumb (after living in FL, I have no idea what to wear on my feet--and yes, my feet were cold in those shoes), and my jacket is literally from my mother's 1970's-era closet.  So here is it without the jacket or shoes:
I need a hair makeover . . . and yes, it's quite obvious we're still unpacking this place.
The sweater is new (from Target), the pants are old, and the necklace is this one with Baby Cora's birthstone.  I'll try a bit harder next week, I promise.  If you have any shoe suggestions for me, please leave it in the comments!

Link up what you wore to church over at Fine Linen and Purple!


  1. Love me some argyle, girl. Super cute sweater.

    And I'm newly obsessed with a cheapish pair of brown tall boots which I've decided to wear with everything. Boots with all the things!!!

  2. I'm so so so bad at fall and winter dressing....but the one thing I've done to combat it is to buy a lot of argyle sweaters. I really do think ones like the one you're wearing are timeless! Plus, yours is purple, which is the best color :-P


    1. LOL, it's actually navy blue...but I do love me some argyle!

  3. I love that sweater! I almost bought one at Kohl's the other day but they didn't have my size. It was so sad!