28 October 2012

What I Wore to Mass and Other Goings-on

I'm linking up with Fine Linen and Purple's What I Wore Sunday again.  I promise I have done more lately than just get dressed and go to mass, though.
What did you wear to church today?
We've been in this apartment just shy of two weeks.  I've been working on this gallery wall:

Baby Cora has been working on her mobility and her central incisors.  She skipped creeping/army-crawling and never liked rolling very much, so we never even had to childproof the last place.  But in the past week or so, she started crawling and pulling up and is cutting another pair of teeth. She also turned 9 months old on Friday and had a doctor visit.
Crawling, pulling up, and her 9 month pic.
(Yes, the mobile was taken down immediately after that pic was taken.)
And B has been working on getting everything squared away for his new job, which he starts tomorrow, bright-eyed and bushy-tailed at 7am.  Actually, I don't think I could ever describe my husband as "bushy-tailed," so nevermind that part.  B has also shown me around a bit, including a little stroller walk in his old neighborhood.
Somewhere between his old house and his grandma's old house
Now onto what I wore to mass today:
Shirt: Mossimo from Target; Pants: Old Navy from back when they sold professional clothes;
Shoes: American Eagle from Payless; Necklaces: from 1saleaday.com
I haven't worn these pants since pre-Pensacola, and I apparently haven't gotten any taller as they still need to be hemmed.  I like the colors on them, though.
I took a risk wearing a long necklace while toting a grabby (and sometimes grubby) baby.  It was cold inside the church, so actually my jacket stayed on most of the time and it was a non-issue (B held her through most of the service anyway).  Also, as we were driving to church, I exclaimed, "Crap, I forgot my rings!"  B smirked, and I just had to ask, "You forgot yours too, didn't you?"  Sigh.  He also left the garage door open, and we both forgot to bring a jacket for the baby.  Garages and cold weather are new obstacles for us.

Here is what Baby wore to mass, minus the sour grimace:
Rockin' the pink and gray, and she had on pink socks but they kept falling off, as baby socks tend to do.
Well, my feet are still freezing, and B promised I could buy some new clothes once our apartment was put together. I definitely think some riding boots and some warm socks are in order!

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  1. That necklace is so cute! And I have a pair of pants almost EXACTLY that print and color. In a few weeks maybe I'll have shrunk back into them again and can wear them to prove it ;)

  2. I really miss Old Navy's professional clothes section. I have a pair of black/grey pants I STILL wear that are the most comfortable dress pants I've ever had!!

    Love that picture wall.

  3. One of my first decorating plans when we get a place of our own is a gallery wall. Yours looks great! I almost never wear pants other than jeans because I can never find any that look nice on me but yours rock! So cute (and my clothes are always too long too unless I get petite!)

  4. I will definitely be partaking in that "What I Wore Sunday" link up soon enough! That's right up my alley (assuming that I can remember). I usually run out of the door makeup-less and crazy-haired and fuss over that on the car ride to Mass, soooo...

    The "old" neighborhood looks really lovely! Hope you're enjoying your new environment thus far.

  5. Notre Dame IRISH socks ought to be mandatory for all babies.

  6. Lol I too remember Old Navy having professional clothes! I actually really liked them. Target seems to be starting to phase theirs out as well. Cute gallery wall!