22 June 2012

7 Quick Takes, the 2nd

Joining up with this again.  Lovin' it.

— 1 —
So, B is heading to another job conference next week, and since he's driving, the baby and I will be tagging along!  We're heading to Houston for two days.  He'll be doing interviews and such, but I need some suggestions about fun stuff to do (with baby) on my own.  I've never been to Houston, so I'm looking forward to it!

— 2 —
This past week, I joined a wonderful group of women known as CathSorority.  It's a bunch of Catholic gals, most of them bloggers, who are very passionate about their faith!  Here's a link to almost all the blogs.  If you see me tweeting with a #cathsorority hashtag, now you know what's up!

— 3 —
My mom spent the past week up in Chicago for work.  One of my cousins got to reap the benefit of a free hotel room and met her up there to explore the city.  I used to go on my mom's business trips every so often, and it's how I got to see Chicago the first time.  I've only been twice, but I wish I could have been up there with them!  I still haven't seen all the great sites of the Windy City.

— 4 —
Instead of being in Chicago, I got to hang out here in Pensacola and take care of a sick baby.  It was mostly just a cold, but it finally got to a point that I took her into the doctor.  They did a breathing treatment on her, and we've had to do a few of them at home.  To do it at home, we had to hold this tube/mask thing up to her, and of course she hates it.  But it has definitely worked to help her be less congested!

— 5 —
Did you catch my post earlier this week about my thoughts on the Lip Dub Proposal?  I'm still going off on rants when people tell me how cute it was or what a great song that is.  Um, it's not.  Listen to the lyrics, people!

— 6 —
For my birthday, my mom gave me a check and told me it was for picking out a nice e-reader or tablet.  I decided to get a Kindle Fire!  This is a big step for me, since it actually means we have mobile internet (we only have "dumb phones" in this house).  Maybe I'll update y'all from Houston!  I love it, but the only thing it's missing is a way to take or upload pictures.  Oh well, I'm pretty happy with it overall, and I love that all my music is now on my Cloud!

— 7 —
We made another big purchase this week, as we finally bought Baby Cora's high chair.  I still don't plan on starting solids for another month or so, but I found an amazing deal.  I really didn't need to find a deal, since my aunt "gave" us a high chair for the shower.  Instead of buying it 8 months before we'd need it, though, she gave us a check and a little cardstock highchair that she made.  (I still have that; it was super cute!)
Behold, the Graco Blossom
Well, I'm glad she did that because I found an even better high chair than the one on my registry for a huge huge discount.  Someone had returned it to Target, and the clearance price was $70 less than the price on Amazon!  B put it together tonight, and it is awesome!  It can actually be used 4 ways and for 2 kids at once (there's an extra toddler booster that connects in various ways).  Not to mention it just looks good!

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  1. Eat Tex-Mex in Houston! There is a restaurant called Papasitos. They have the most amazing fajitas and guacamole :)

  2. As a male fan of the #cathsorority gals, I'm glad to meet you!

    1. I didn't know we had male fans! Awesome. Hope you guys have something just as cool.

    2. You will really enjoy Papasitos!! Plus there are so many other places to eat,just not enough time. Ted & Kayla will enjoy taking to all. Plus there are many "tourist" places to see. You will like it....

  3. You totally need to go back to Chicago! Go visit ND with B and then Chi-town in the same trip! I can't wait to do that with my own family. I honestly didn't spend much time in Chicago while in college, so maybe now's the time?!?! Enjoy your Kindle! I got one for Easter (just the basic Kindle) and my husband immediately asked why I didn't get the Fire?!? I told him he hadn't "authorized" that purchase (haha, I NEVER ask permission!) but since it was HIS gift to me I ordered the item he told me he wanted to get me! We have dumb phones too. And I JUST added texting to my package when we moved to CA. I don't feel the need for yet another electo-leash just yet...but I do think the time is coming. We'll see. I'm holding out as long as I can because I know I'll want the iPhone! :-)