08 June 2012

7 Quick Takes

I've been seeing this Friday hop around and wanted to participate.  Looks easier than writing seven different blog posts!  LOL.  While I'm still reading a ton of milspouse blogs, I've been adding in some Catholic blogs as we move away from military life, and this is from one of them.

— 1 —
B brought me a balloon last week for my birthday.  His very words were, "I was gonna get you flowers, but this will last longer."  Two days later, it looked like this:

— 2 —
As for that, I'm glad I celebrated my birthday mostly on my own.  In between the formal retirement and the party we attended that night, I treated myself to birthday freebies.  I got a free sub from Firehouse Subs, $3 to spend at CVS, and a free doughnut from Krispy Kreme (that last one was coincidental, since it was National Doughnut Day).  

I still have a handful of freebies to use, including free tots from Sonic: 

This doesn't even include the BOGO ones that I chucked.  And some that already expired.
— 3 —
B didn't get me any surprises other than the balloon, but he said I could pick out a nursing necklace from wherever.  I've been digging around Etsy, and I will be ordering a few of these from Marine Parents today, since I unfortunately didn't win the giveaway on her blog.

The hardest part will be choosing the colors!
— 4 —
At my "job," I've been making a handout listing various mommy groups in the area.  I came across MOMS Club in our area, and it looks like so much fun!  The chapter here has playgroups based on children's ages, and then other clubs based on interests like couponing, cooking, fitness, etc.  (And they're not even listed on the main site--I had to find them on FB.)  The local MOPS groups here take a break for the summer, but it looks like MOMS is going strong.  I hesitate to join, since we're moving in a few months.  Now I really want to know where we'll end up so I can find a chapter there.

— 5 —
It has been quite the week for a few of my friends.  One friend just had twin girls yesterday morning.  She now has four girls born within four years.  Her poor husband!  LOL.

On a more serious note, a gal I grew up with back in Georgia gave birth to her third child on Wednesday.  They had known since the 20-week ultrasound that her baby most likely would not survive due to anencephaly.  Her story is both heartbreaking and inspiring, as she chose to carry to term.  Her baby was only 3 pounds, 10 ounces at birth.  I think that strong families like this do more for the pro-life movement than any march or rally could ever do.  If you're curious, you can read about her journey on her blog.  Baby Kendall, we love you!

— 6 —
We have a pool at our apartment complex, so we've been taking Baby Cora out there a bit.  I finally bought her some actual pool stuff, including a cloth swim diaper I found at Toys R Us, some cute pink baby sunglasses, and this adorable swimsuit/rash guard from Target.

— 7 —
Speaking of my adorable baby, I will leave you with this video of her laughing.  My favorite part is actually when she stops laughing around 1:15 and has a hilariously unhappy look on her face.

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  1. Oh gosh, she's so funny! :)

  2. Haha, my boys and I laughed at the cute giggling video. I really like those nursing necklaces....I really want to make my own with organic fabric, but I have no idea where one even gets organic fabric. Anyways, thanks for the typo heads up on my blog! Haha, I cannot believe that has been there MONTHS and nobody has told me. How embarrassing! Haha.