24 October 2011

my baby loves giraffes

Right when I announced my pregnancy, my sister chimed in with the desire to plan my baby shower. She loves babies, and she plans a good party, so of course I'm letting her.  The first thing she asked is if I had a theme in mind.  A theme??  Huh? Well, as I was registering with my mom, I kept gravitating to one thing.  GIRAFFES.  Other than a few trips to the zoo, I'd never given them too much thought.  But I guess Baby W must love them!  (Now that I mentioned this to my sis, and also mentioned a pink and brown color scheme, she called me "anal."  Well, you asked!)

I've also decided that the baby giraffe stuff in stores is slightly more adorable than actual baby giraffes.  I think it has to do with how they usually make the features round instead of angular to mimic baby humans more.

Here are a few of my top giraffe-arific picks!

Giraffe footies?  Sold!

From Cake Central member cytosteph
Via The Young Retiree, STAMPED!
Reason #458 I need to figure out how to crochet!  Source
Or maybe this is why.  Source.
An all-giraffe mobile?  Now there's a cool find!

The good thing is that once I realized I liked giraffes, a zoo nursery theme was an easy choice.  I'll be driving up to Georgia for my (first) baby shower this weekend, and maybe I'll be driving back with some adorable giraffe stuff for Baby W!



  1. Too cute! I never paid much mind to baby giraffes either, but they are pretty adorable in these pictures. Enjoy your baby shower!

  2. Have fun at your shower! We ended up with a lot of giraffe clothing too since there were lots of unisex options! But I know what you mean about the cute animals... We have a lamby theme in the nursery, and just when I thought I was getting into lamb overboard and told everyone to not buy anymore, I'd see a lamb SOMETHING that I couldn't live without!