12 October 2011

autumn touches around the house

I don't usually do a lot of seasonal decorating. Usually I'll just change our tablecloth and centerpiece and call it a day. But fall stuff? I actually have some of that!

It probably helps that B and I got married in October, so our wedding colors were a dark red, orange, and yellow.  There were even fake fall-colored leaves in my bouquet.  My aunt did a lot of my decorations (and all my flowers), so I got to keep a few of the centerpieces from the rehearsal dinner.
Yup, I bring this out every year.

The tablecloth was a random gift from another aunt the first year that I hosted Thanksgiving for my parents when I lived in Virginia (before I was even engaged).  She nailed it.

My mom has a friend or something who sells PartyLite, so she keeps buying me stuff.  I've never specifically asked for any of them, but every year I seem to end up with another black cat votive holder.  They're now my Halloween display for the bar.
The one in the center has a fishbone in him :)
That's another centerpiece up there, too, if you were wondering.

All of that stuff was given to me by others.  But this year, I decided to add my own touch.  I've always loved the idea of wreaths, but when I went to store to get one, it gave me sticker shock.  The pretty fall ones were $40 or more!  So I did the only logical thing and made my own.  Spent about $10 total, and it only took me an hour.  I didn't use hot glue, just wire, so I could perhaps re-use the base.  And yes, I had to call my mom while walking around Michael's to get her advice on how to do this!

We don't get a lot of fall color here in north Florida, so this puts a smile on my face every time I come home!

Have you done any seasonal decorating for fall this year?


  1. Love the wreath, cannot wait to have my own place to decorate...my bedroom will have to work for now :)

  2. Love the decorations! I put some gourds on the table as a centerpiece, but my kids kept trying to eat them, so I had to move them to the top of the toaster-oven. Maybe in a few years! :D