20 October 2011

DeLuna Fest music

Earlier this week, I posted about my experience at DeLuna Fest, and now I want to share some of the good music with you!  The cool thing about festivals is discovering new music.  We saw a band called Telekinesis on Saturday, and I actually really liked them.  They're apparently from Seattle, so they probably don't come this way often.  Only a few hundred people came to their set since it was early afternoon, so it was nice and intimate.  They even took a request from a fan and played a song that wasn't on their playlist.

So here is Telekinesis:

I also just wanted to share my favorite Cake song with you, since I got to see them and all.

That one was really fun to hear live because the whole crowd knew it and was really into it and doing the shouting parts right on time along with the "ahh ahh"'s.

Linking up with Goodnight Moon today!  (It has been entirely too long since my last one.)

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  1. AHHHH! I LOVEEE Cake. Something about the lead singer not actually singing I enjoy.