25 July 2011

pregnancy vs. dinnertime

Ugh, food.  I never had a great relationship with food in the first place.  I'm too picky for my own good, and I only seem to really like bad-for-you foods (and an abundance of carbs).  I menu plan to keep myself on track.  However, my first trimester made my relationship with food even worse.  The simple idea of most meals make me turn up my nose.  I actually un-followed more than half the recipe blogs I used to frequent.  Anything new or different is out the window.

If you look at my menu planning board, it's still the plan I wrote in early June.  A handful of meals have been crossed off.  At some point around my 7th or 8th week, I was lying on the couch around 4pm, feeling miserable, and then tried to think of what I would make B and myself for dinner.  I cried.  I had no desire to cook, and I felt like a terrible wife because I couldn't even do my one daily task.  I eventually sent B to the store for a bag of frozen chicken nuggets.

I choked down the nuggets much in the way I ate when I was a kid.  I knew I had to it to get some protein into my body, but I certainly didn't really enjoy it.  I used to be able to fight through a bit of hunger and then enjoy a decent-sized meal to sate me.  Yeah, not any more.  The more hungry I am, the more it hurts to eat.  That means that I'm basically eating every 1-2 hours now.  I eat about a fourth of my dinner, but B is still expecting a big meal like before.  There have been other nights when I peer into the messy fridge looking for a dinner idea, just to end up in tears all over again.  Good thing I never really loved cooking to begin with.
Apparently the new MyPlate hasn't been update for pregnancy, so here's a pyramid
The worst part about this?  The garden.  It's doing pretty well, and I don't want anything to do with it.  Last week, I actually gave away tomatoes to a Marine I volunteer with because I didn't want them.  Sure, I can eat jarred spaghetti sauce until my face turns red, but an actual tomato?  Or basil?  No thanks.

I loved it when my parents came to visit over the 4th of July weekend.  Mommy sure took good care of me!  We had leftovers for a week, and I didn't have to worry about this cooking nonsense.  To the women who are pregnant with their second child and beyond, I bow down.  I have no idea how I'm gonna do this while also being responsible for another child's nutrition.

Now that I'm out of the first trimester, it's getting better.  I promised B I'd have a menu plan by the time he got home.  It has four meals on it so far . . . we'll probably end up eating spaghetti for an entire week again.  But, as most women would hopefully say, I still wouldn't trade it for anything.  And thank God for Instant Breakfast, a true lifesaver.


  1. Though I can't share your experience of being pregnant, I can absolutely sympathize with the desire not to cook!

    Not totally the same, I know (since yours is a biologically/hormonally based aversion and mine is more like ennui), but there's nothing worse than knowing you ought to be cooking something nutritious and not wanting to at all. Maybe your mom has ideas about meals that you can cook lots of (and freeze future portions)?

    Hoping it gets better,

  2. I'm so sorry it's so hard for you to come up with good healthy things that appeal to you. Hopefully it'll get better as your pregnancy progresses... If I think of anything or hear of anything that helped any girlfriends of mine I'll pass it along! Also...I have a running list of baby supplies that some people swear by and others said don't waste your money...in addition to another list of what I learned in the first 6 weeks of being a mommy....if you're interested, shoot me your email address!

  3. I had such a food aversion with my second, I think I only ate strawberries for a week! I'm crossing my fingers for you that your appetite gets better once you're in the 2nd trimester. By the way, your food pyramid is missing the Mint Oreos wedge of the pie. :)