28 July 2011

stuck like glue

At the wedding we attended the other weekend in Texas, there was of course a lot of dancing and music. Good music, bad music, Texas-two-stepping music, the Chicken Dance, and even the Hokie Pokie (for the groom's sister, a proud VT alum).  But I did get to hear a song that was new to me, and it was absolutely adorable watching the bride and groom sing it to each other while dancing.  (They were also the tallest people in the entire room and she was in all white, so it was pretty easy to watch them; this, however, was not their first dance.)

I don't listen to much country music, so this was new to me but probably not to most.  I wrote some notes about the song down on the side of a medicine box in my purse so I could look it up later.

If this had been a napkin, I probably wouldn't be writing this post
 The song is apparently by Sugarland, and yeah, the video is slightly disturbing to me.


  1. It's a great song but the video is very disturbing!

  2. This song ALWAYS gets stuck in my head!

  3. I love this song! Like Nicole, it always gets stuck in my head after I hear it;) I've never actually seen this video before though.

  4. LOVE that song! we played it at our wedding too =)