30 June 2011

catchy like whoa

This song definitely did not get enough airplay around these parts.  Love love love danceable, catchy songs.

Also, I discovered Grooveshark recently and it's 10 gabillion times better than Playlist.com (which often has the wrong song attached to a title--LAME).  I haven't even made a login and was able to embed that thing above.  Speaking of logins, when I tried to sign up for Playlist.com, someone had used my email to create the login name "Twilightlover266446".  Umm, I read the first two Twilight books and thought they were truly terrible!  (I might lose some followers by saying that, but oh well.)  But I changed the password, so yeah, that's my login now.  Doesn't matter because I'm never going back to that site ever again.

Also on Grooveshark, I was also able to find a song I had been digging and digging for back at Christmas.  Here's a link to that post and the actual cover of Mr. Grinch that I have finally found 8 months later.


  1. What a fun song! It's super catchy:)

    And now that you have the grinch song, you're ready for this Christmas!

  2. HAHA! I love your honestly about the Twilight books. I haven't read the books, but have watched the movies. Last night my husband asked me why I watched them if I thought the story line was DUMB. Simple. It's HILARIOUSLY dumb and terrible! It's like a train wreck. I can't look away.

    Great song pick :)

  3. so today is the day. will you be marking anything off your bucket list?