13 June 2011

miscellany monday

So I did Music Mondays for a while, but then there became a major blog-hop on Thursdays dealing with music, and I started feeling sheepish linking up my Monday posts on Thursdays. And then I got pretty quiet here for a while, so here's what I'm doing today.
Miscellany Monday @ lowercase letters

Yep, a link-up for complete randomness of thoughts.  I think that will work for me today, as I can't think of anything coherent.

1.  I lost my glasses at some point when we were traveling over Christmastime.  It's not a huge deal, since they're for distance and just help me drive a bit better (no stipulations on my license).  But B had been bugging me to go to the optometrist and get some new ones though, so I finally went last week.  I went to the Naval Hospital here, and the guy I had was great!  I even told him that I plan to order my glasses online, and he knew of the sites and had nothing bad to say.  He even gave me my pd length.  Maybe I'll even get some prescription sunglasses (never had those before!) if these turn out well.  If not, hey it was only $30.  The pair I lost set me back at least $150.

2. I really want some visitors down here.  I think I've gotten a bit lonely, or at least want a familiar face.  I've also been trying to think of places for us to take weekend trips and am drawing blanks (we've already done New Orleans).  At one point, we had wanted to go camping, but now it just feels to hot and sticky to want to spend all night outside.  I guess we could just go to Destin or Tallahassee.

3.  Adding to my list of picky foods, rosemary just got the official ban.  I made pork chops the other day using this recipe from WikiHow.  Great recipe, but the only major herb was rosemary (dried), and I hated it.  I thought this day might come, since the only time I used it fresh (3 years ago!) it made my nose run in the middle of July, and the smell of the foccacia bread I was making made me gag.  I think I can still add it to things with other spices (like chicken with thyme and oregano and such).  I don't understand my palate sometimes.  Does anyone have an herb suggestion to go with pork chops?

4.  I don't usually talk about B's job, but I just want to mention the difference between "duty" here at this shore command versus back on the sub.  He stood duty every 3-4 days on the sub, and with that he had to get there super-early and then stay overnight.  For most of his sea tour, we weren't married, so I just did my own thing those nights.  Here, his duty lasts an entire week and involves him carrying a Blackberry around and coming home as usual every night.  Oh, and he has to check the locks in the building, too.  It's still pretty ridiculous though, as he ends up having to "play detective" more often than not for issues that have little to do with his actual command.  He calls this "an HR job," and for that industry, the idea of duty is definitely an odd one.  He only has duty a few times a year though, and he's still getting sub pay every month, so no complaints from me. 

5.  Facebook games have been sucking all of my time lately.  I had already been playing Family Feud and The Price Is Right on there, but in the last week I have added Wheel of Fortune, Jeopardy!, and Rummikub.  I was even able to play Rummikub against my mom in live-time.  Technology is awesome.  And I'm so good at Jeopardy! that I haven't even needed my friends' help yet.


  1. Ugh, three- and four-section duty was the worst! A few times a year is nice compared to that. :)

  2. We live with 4 section and I don't like it. I deal with it and try not to complain too often! If you guys decide to visit Seattle let me know:) I didn't know that Rummikub was on Facaebook...I have to go check that out!

  3. We were in an 8 section and it was NICE! I wonder how duty will be at the hospital? There are all kinds of changes to get used to coming up... I hope it's not like B, but hubs said something about getting a blackberry. Great :(

    When I make pork chops, I just us EVOO and some salt and pepper... or I use chili seasoning/chili powder as a rub and serve it with like Uncle Ben's Santa Fe rice mix. Also- there is a pretty awesome spice shop out here and they offer rubs- BBQ is always good on pork chops as a change.

  4. I will come visit in FL, I kind of miss it. Plus there is an awesome Irish Pub I want to go to there! :)