16 June 2011

a true entertainer: billy joel

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Does anyone else think Billy Joel was a total musical genius?  Umm, I do.  (Not the biggest fan of his personal life, but this is about his music.  Learn the difference.)  I really didn't even know his music very well until I got my mom all his greatest hits CD's a number of years ago.  I somehow ended up with at least one of them in my constant possession, and I love listening to it.  I am always in awe of how he can really tell a story with the song and bring out very honest emotions.  I'll admit I've cried listening to "Piano Man."  On more than one occasion.

But what got me thinking about Billy Joel lately was hearing Bruno Mars sing about throwing his "hand in his pants" in "The Lazy Song,"* which has apparently been playing on loop at the radio stations around here.  No matter what time of day, when I hear that lyric, I will always think of this Billy Joel song:

It's definitely one of my favorites.  I also can never help but laugh when he sings the line, "But if I go cold I won't get sold; I'll get put in the back in the discount rack, like another can of beans" because a few years ago B bought a Billy Joel cassette tape for 50¢ at a thrift shop (yes, he still has a car that plays cassette tapes).  Now, I don't think Billy has really gone cold, but that format certainly has.  And I didn't see any cans of beans around.

*If you haven't seen the video for this one, please click on that link and be ready to laugh.


  1. LOVE BILLY!! I was lucky enough to see him with my college roommate our Senior year- so Good!

  2. I love Billy Joel! And I actually still have a car with a cassette player too :)

  3. I love Billy Joel! I've been listening to him since he started making music (my parents had the cassettes), and I have piano sheet music for his greatest hits. He is so very talented!!