28 April 2011

my own Prince

I know everyone is super-duper excited about the Royal Wedding tomorrow, and some are even waking up at the crack of dawn to watch it!  It interests me slightly, but mostly because everyone tells me that my very own husband looks like a spitting image of Prince William!  I had a former co-worker see a picture of him on my desk a few years ago, and tell me so.  (I actually had to Google a picture of Prince W, because I had no idea what he looked like.)  Then, just after the engagement was all in the news, B and I were out at Pensacola Gallery Night, and a group of drunken retirees stopped to tell us they thought the same!  Apparently even B's own sister has been thinking this too, so now I know we're onto something here.

 I'll let you be the judge:

Both in uniform

a Catherine and her Prince

a Catherine and her prince

Yes, I made him stand by the TV so I could compare

B's face is slightly more round, and his nose is cuter (although he thinks Prince William has a "cool" nose, whatever that means).  Prince William is also a few inches taller than B, which is fine with me, since I'm only 5'2" and I don't enjoy craning my neck.  But they both have an oval face, pretty blue eyes, and a big-toothed smile (oh, and some premature balding).

As for me, the story from my mother has always been that she wanted to name me Catherine Elizabeth, but then decided that was too many letters (thanks, Mom!), so they settled on Catherine Ann.  Kate's given name is Catherine Elizabeth, and I think she looks like our previous CO's wife (who is about 10 years her senior, but gorgeous).

So I've got my prince, but if someone could hook me up with Kate's wardrobe now, I'd be all set!


  1. Oh how funny! There really is a resemblance. It's especially noticeable in the picture of you two on the bench!

  2. I see it! They do kinda look alike:) Her wardrobe would be great but I wouldn't want all the media attention...but that's just me!

  3. I am in no way, shape or form interested in this wedding. I think it's sad all the negative publicity around it and all the papparazzi and news that will be there. I get that they're famous and royal, but the poor kids deserve a chance to just get married and be happy.

    On the other hand, B does look strikingly like the Prince. I love that you made him stand by the TV!

  4. AHaha how fun that they look alike! And you even look like Kate!