11 April 2011

music monday: my first taste of radio

On this installment of Music Monday, I am sharing the very first song I ever heard on the radio.  Yes, I remember it.  My parents are not very musical, so most car rides were accompanied with talk radio (especially Braves games) or our kiddie cassettes (Games for the Road or Cow Christmas, anyone?  anyone??).  Occasionally, my dad would bust out his Beach Boys or Gregorian chant tapes.  So other than what I was singing in church choir, that was all the music I really knew.

However, one day when I was probably in second grade, I saw an ad on television for a radio station.  I can recall a man who called himself Rhubarb* and some kids about my age jumping up and down with fake sacks of money promoting this radio station's weekly giveaway.  I was instantly transfixed and also determined to win.  [Actually, this whole experience may have been the initial catalyst that drove me to a degree in Advertising, but that's neither here nor there.]  That night, I tuned the clock radio in my bedroom to Atlanta's own Y106.7, having no idea what was in store (but secretly hoping to win a sack of money).

*Note: I had no idea what rhubarb was at the time.  Terrible Southerner, raised by Yanks.

I can't really say I immediately fell in love with the first thing I heard.  It was actually a medley of various people singing along to "Achy Breaky Heart" by Billy Ray Cyrus.  Apparently this song was such a huge hit that kids younger than me were singing along to it, but I had never heard it at all before that night.  Well, you can bet that I've never forgotten it, nor the DJ named Rhubarb Jones.  I was a very faithful country music fan all the way until middle school, and I even got my family to listen to it in the car.  My sister probably became an even bigger fan than I was.

I wouldn't exactly call myself a country music fan any more (sis is though!), but I still love hearing many of those songs from my youth.  Here, I give you the one that started it all:

And, for the record, I never did win that sack of money.


  1. hahaha oh man what a flash back!

  2. LOL! How funny!!!!! This really brings back some memories! Remember his hair? Gesh! I think he had the worlds best mullet!

    Thanks for linking up this week!!!

  3. At first, reading this post, I felt horrible. Why? Until just now, I'd never heard the song, and I'm a singer, among other things. I'm 25, and I wasn't even sheltered from music when I was little. I have no excuse.

    My regret, however, was quickly replaced by my husband's next comment. He heard the song and said, "You do know the singer of that song was a wife beater, right?" Nope. Had no idea. Interesting fact of the day.

    Aside from that, it's quite funny what spurs people onto their future careers.

    I'm taking over your page here, so I'll just leave off with a "Hello! I'm from the song link-up. My name is Nicole. It's a pleasure to meet you." :)

  4. In response to Marine Wife, and anyone reading this later, I've been scouring the internet all morning looking for articles about Billy Ray Cyrus and domestic abuse. I've found pictures of him wearing a wife beater, but nothing that points to him actually doing it.

    I think what your husband may have been hinting at was that Billy Ray was most definitely unfaithful. His daughter Miley and his son were both born in 1992, but with different mothers: http://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Billy_Ray_Cyrus#Personal_life

    Obviously that doesn't make him an upstanding citizen, but I'm not one to let unfounded gossip live on without at least checking. And thank God for the internet to give me that option.