11 January 2015

2015 Resolutions/To-Dos

We're now 11 days into January, so I guess I've had enough time to reflect and decide on my goals for the entire year, right? Right. Here goes.

1. Have baby, name the baby!
The second part is seeming harder than the first at this point. I've had a boy name picked out for over 10 years now, but girls' names are hard.

2. Still be pumping at work a year from today.
I'm kinda dreading pumping again (even though I have my own office with an actual door), but I know it's best. And cheaper. That's really the main reason.

3. Decorate Cora's room.
I re-painted it back in August and never got any decorations back on the wall! I think I want to add some curtains, too.

4. Read 12 books.
This is pseudo-ambitious, but I do get lunch breaks at work.

5. Run ONE race.
This sounds lame since I did 6 this past year, but I feel like it took me forever to recover from giving birth last time. I really didn't start running until Cora was almost a year old. So if I can just get out there and do one 5K, I'll call it a success.

6. Host 4 dinners at our house.
One is already scheduled!

7. Learn how to use my fancy camera.
I have the fancy contraption, even an extra lens, the manual, and even a book about photography I got for Christmas. Now I just need to add it all together and stop shooting in Auto.

8. Get that blasted passport already.
This is a leftover resolution from last year. And get one for Cora, because you never know if your weekend may have you driving to Ontario, right? (I just realized right this moment that the new baby will also need a passport for that, and ugh, have you ever seen a tiny baby's passport photo? It's so awkward.)

So there ya have it, my 'big' goal list for 2015. Feel free to leave me some book/dinner/name suggestions in the comments.


  1. When is the baby due? I just can't keep track of these things anymore! I used to be able to remember so easily. Mostlt just wondering how many months PP you'll be by the end of the year (how long you're giving yourself after birth to run a 5K). Also, how long before you need a name. I think Elanor (or one of it's many other spellings) is sweet, feminine and a little old fashioned similar to Cora.

  2. Great resolutions! :D Hopefully it will be easier to get out and start running after Baby #2 arrives because you trained and raced so much last year - your body will hopefully bounce back faster and you have the motivation. :)

    I suggested "Surprised by Oxford" by Carolyn Webber - it's a great autobiography about a woman who found Christ while studying at Oxford University. :) If you'd like me to mail it to you to borrow - let me know! :)

    I'm looking forward to seeing some pictures from your new camera!