01 October 2013

Skirtember: Week Four Recap

September is done and gone, and that means so is Skirtember! I am currently sitting here in my favorite pair of jeans and couldn't be happier. You'll be seeing me in skinnies and riding boots soon enough.

Last Monday did not bode well for a skirt. I wore one for an hour at home and forgot to take a picture. On to Tuesday.

My chambray dress is cute and comfy, but it was a mistake to wear this to an alteration shop. After they took the pants I needed altered away, I was left with the shirt I needed altered and no pants on! Luckily, a woman came into the dressing room and pinned the shirt while I stood there, pants-less.

On the upside, I had a cute headband on (which you can't see in the above picture).
This is actually a Sweaty Band that I wear for running. Cute enough to wear with a dress, too!
On to Wednesday. This outfit looks so dressy to me, but the shirt is just a cotton jersey t-shirt, and the shoes are pretty casual. The skirt and necklace (made by my aunt) do a lot for this basic tee.

Thursday was my favorite outfit of the week, but unfortunately it got too hot for both the boots and the cardigan within an hour of taking this picture.

Friday was actually the skirt I wore for an hour on Monday. It was good for whatever I did on Friday.

Saturday we went to the Notre Dame game. I am sooooo glad I did not wear a skirt. The weather was autumnal, so I went from cold to hot to cool in the span of time we were there. (I wore pants that were easy to roll up.) Also, the bleachers at the stadium are wood and were giving me splinters--mostly on my hands, but I was feeling it through my pants a bit, too. None of my skirts would have stood up to that!
Touchdown Jesus is in a 'dress' but I am not.
We also went to mass right after the game in B's old dorm, so yep, that's what I wore to mass.

Sunday was spent doing stuff at the new house, so no skirts that day either.

I ended the month on the right foot, though.

My feet were cold all day yesterday, and I wish I'd worn different shoes.

Overall, I'm glad Skirtember is over. I'm glad I did it, but I'm glad it's over. I wore skirts 24 days out of 30, and I didn't repeat any entire outfits. I call that a victory!

And here is Cora's Skirtember collage, since she participated a bit too!
Cora also learned the word "cheese" this month. Can you tell? She's definitely a ham for the camera.

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  1. You did awesome! Thanks for joining us this past month!