31 August 2012

7 Quick Takes (Wimpy Hurricane Edition)

— 1 —
My mom was here last weekend, and it was nice to have some extra hands.  We took Baby Cora to her first baseball game (the lovely and brand-spankin'-new Pensacola Blue Wahoos), then we went to the beach on Saturday.  She also offered to babysit so that B and I could have a date night.  It was only our second one we've had since baby was born 7 months ago.  It was such a nice night out that I wanted to take a walk after dinner.  We went up to the campus of the University of West Florida and walked around a bit.  It was kinda cool that we probably still looked like college kids!  Well, at least in my mind anyway.  In reality, we still got home around 10 and were in bed shortly after.  We may have looked the part, but I think our party-all-night college days are more than over.

— 2 —
Today is B's last official day of Active Duty.  When he wakes up tomorrow, he will be a full civilian!  Weird, but not weird at the same time.  This shore tour has felt very "civilian-esque," and the building he worked in here was mostly staffed by civilians, so there were no tear-filled goodbyes to a wardroom or whatever.  The stinky thing is that tomorrow his title not only changes to "civilian," but also to "unemployed."  He has been on terminal leave for the past two weeks, and one thing I noticed this week when I did laundry was a complete lack of socks.  We usually have a big pile to sort and match, but this week I think there was only one pair.

— 3 —
Who else is excited about college football starting?!  Yeah, I didn't think I was alone on that.  I'm not sure the baby is going to be happy with me changing her outfit in the middle of the day tomorow, but she needs to start off in a Notre Dame onesie (B's alma mater), and then change into one of her many Georgia outfits (complete with red and black headband and flower) for that game.  I've already been teaching her the "Gooooo Dawgs, Sic 'em!" cheer, and she laughs at the barking part.  (Okay, who wouldn't laugh at that?)

— 4 —
Oh, did you know there was a hurricane that hardly touched us?  Yeah, they closed schools here on Monday and Tuesday, and it was completely unnecessary.  There was some wind, some rain, a tornado watch or two.  But honestly we fared much worse in the flooding we had back in June.  We still didn't leave the house much, even though it was pretty much a non-event.  Our hurricane supplies consisted of a big bag of M&M's, which we've almost finished.

— 5 —
Also, did you know the Paralympics started this week?  Check out this video of swimming.  The guy who wins has no arms, and just bumps his head into the wall to finish the race.

If you want to check out some more Paralympic action, try this site or the YouTube channel.  If you're wondering about the classification system (like S4 or S11), see this handy guide.  Or this one.

— 6 —
Our baby finally rolled from back to tummy.  Yes, her roll the other way was over a month ago, but this little gal hates being on her tummy with a passion!  So once she grabbed the toy she was going for, she swiftly rolled the other way back onto her back.  That being said, no, she hasn't started crawling of any sort.  Less child-proofing for us, so that's fine with me.

— 7 —
Why are McDonald's fries soooo good?  I rarely ever go to McD's (like maybe 3 times a year at most), but I had a coupon for something free that expired today, so that was my lunch.  And, oh, the fries!  Good thing I have willpower.

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  1. Glad to hear Cora will be rockin' the blue and gold (the RIGHT blue and gold, that is!) tomorrow morning! Also glad to hear that y'all didn't have any damage from the hurricane!! Make sure B checks into the rules and regs for filing for unemployment, if he hasn't already. I do think that he qualifies, as long as he gets into it within a certain time limit of coming off AD....just a thought!

    1. My mom mentioned filing for unemployment to him, but he's really hesitant on it. He basically thinks that money should go to people a lot less well-off than us, and I guess he has a point. I'm not too worried about it; we'll be fine either way and we know he'll have a decent job within a few months.